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With the recent uprising (and absolute, immediate, very expected downfall) of the stock market within Firestone, I became convinced that finances and money within Firestone have the potential to play a bigger role. I already wrote a long post with likely even longer comments about my thought on the stock market and a financial system.

Now I’m trying to start a business, a financial service that might very well be categorized as a bank. The main idea is of course that clients would have the ability to deposit money and have some interest on that money, while they might also take loans and again have interest on the borrowed money.

I know similar (or the same) things have been tried and it didn’t quite work, I know that it is risky with the money and getting money paid back, etc. I know the risks. I am however convinced that it is possible.

I would like to gather some data from you all, on what you would be most interested in seeing.
I can imagine that once this service exists, quite a lot of people would be willing to deposit money since they can only win and not lose from it. Of course, the question is, what kind of deposit, how long, what interest rate.

The options for this one are:

Savings Account - Deposit money and withdraw at any* time but with lower interest rates.

Certificate of Deposit - Deposit money for a set amount of time, only being able to withdraw before that time expires by paying high fees, but in return, this would come with higher interest rates.

I find it hard to make a poll out of this, so I would appreciate it if you could write a short reply saying if you’d personally rather make use of a savings account or a CD, how long you would deposit your money for, and how often interest should be “paid out” to savings accounts (e.g 1 week, 2 weeks, each month, the shorter this time is, the lower the interest rates are).

Please select the services you would be interested in here.

  • Deposit on savings account
  • Deposit by Certificate of Deposit
  • Take a loan

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If you find the idea interesting, you should join our Discord to learn more, to apply for one of our jobs, and especially to be updated about our licensing status (we are currently not yet licensed).

*Money would have to be manually transferred back to the client which might take some time.


This sounds like a lot of work for a teenager to commit to for a online game


I see what you mean. Of course I’m doing it because it interests me and I like to work on it. Took me quite some time to set most things up already, and I can really see myself doing some more on this. The idea is that once I get some people I can trust to at least manage some of the accounting, the business should work relatively well and it’ll already save me some time. Also, as it turns out, most things don’t take up a huge amount of time, maybe some effort and willingness to learn (of course I’m a teenager and don’t have a huge clue how banking works).


The problem is that there is no accountability. You could legit take everyone’s money and not give it back and civilians would never get that money back.

not saying you would do this but it is possible

Additionally, if you give out a loan, there is no accountability in paying that loan back. You will never receive that money unless they voluntarily give it to you (you can’t cease assets or demand it be paid via the courts).


Yes exactly. This is also why I said I know the risks. If it was possible to make your business public right after you get the license (which would be prevented by upcoming legislation), it would greatly improve accountability, as it would be in shareholders best interest that the business operates legally and the board of directors would be in an ideal position to, in this case, not only represent shareholders but also in a way clients. Clients would be able to trust that shareholders could remove me or other administration if we were to start acting dumb.

Regarding the loan repayment, the idea is that I would calculate some sort of “credit score”, which would determine the maximum loan and the interest rate of each client, and also possibly entirely prevent someone from taking a loan. I believe it’s the best solution to at least remove some of the risks. As an example, I’m sure people in a position similar to you would never not pay back a loan, which is why they would have the lowest interest rate and a way higher maximum amount of money they can borrow.


What consequences would the violation of a contract have, if enforced and found guilty? I know assets can not directly be demanded, but of course you can still go to court over this, so what would happen if found guilty?


Firestone Wealth Group: The Sequel.


The most the court can do is find you in contempt of court (send someone to jail). But to be honest, after the time is up, you still get to keep the money.

@thekerbal Correct me if I’m wrong.


We are not allowed to according to Fedlaw.


Not allowed to hold someone in contempt of court? If not, then what is the legislation about? Would that mean there is no punishment at all?


Didn’t read the question properly. We are obviously (?) not allowed to send people to jail for violating contracts. And we are not allowed to force players to share money between them (for whatever reason). It is a completely ridiculous rule established purely to annoy the Judiciary which subsequently means contract cases have very little effect as, besides a “court order,” we can’t do anything else…

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