Final Release From Arborfield Deputy Mayor Patchy319 - Resignation

Release From The Deputy Mayor of Arborfield
Well, a recent development has occurred today that has caused me to resign from my Deputy Mayoral position held in The City of Arborfield. It is that job law states I must resign from one of my positions, due to recently gaining a position as a Candidate in SCFD.
I loved working for Arborfield, and I wish many others work for it as well. Infact, I will always be there to help, just not holding a legal position in the city.
May this resignation be short, and, I wish that the council elect a new mayor just like me. One that will do a great job in helping Arborfield, letting it be active.

Special Thanks To The Following People During My Term:

  • GetEnveloped and Samtella (Supporting City Governments)
  • All City Government Officals (For Helping Our Term Be Productive)
  • MrEmote (For Bill Advice)
  • Judge Jackson
  • DoS Secretary Baron

This resignation shall go in effect immediately as of 6:34 PM EST, on 6/9/18.

Patchy319 - County Councilman


K bai

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bye you did good


you were a cool dude, talked to you a few times. its sad to see you go but good luck


:frowning: at this time the bighead union will cease operations as the one person who supported us has resigned.

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Mate, I only resigned from Arborfield, I am still in county gov

Ah okay.

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