Ffa and the senate

can someone explain the reasoning as to why in the fuck everyone is asking and asking for us to be established as an academy, then when we’re finally in the senate to be established, we fail 0-5-1…
i just want to know the reasons behind all the nays
@sharkfish82 @Samtella @AddieRxse @Zeyahne @Ash1835 @CoolPilotCaio1 since you guys failed it, mind explaining why


just dont believe it should be under the executive branch and a cabinet member


off my memory (correct me if im wrong)

  • addie is on the fence
  • suprema wants the senate to compromise
  • ash wants it under county
  • scrib wants it under DOH
  • pilot abstained since it was his bill
  • sam wants it under a board rather than directly under governor

do you know what is meant by senate to compromise, compromise on what?
and do you know what is meant by on the fence, would you not abstain were you unsure?


couldn’t imagine FFA to be the most contentious issue in Congress LOL


Boggles the minds of Firestone Political Experts everywhere


I couldn’t image a fire academy taking so much heat


as the director of the firestone medical academy i can confidently say that fma does not want the ffa under it


Dear Congressmen and Congresswomen, I implore you to read my forum posts on why the Firestone Fire Academy has to be a state-level entity, sovereign of oversight by any department, as the Firestone Fire Academy is an oversight department in and of itself.

These are my opinions as a member of the SCFD administration and a front line first-responder who was required to attend this academy for my certification, you know, one of the people that the recognition of this as an actual academy would impact.

@sharkfish82 @AddieRxse @Zeyahne @Ash1835 @CoolPilotCaio1 @Samtella


Here b 4 someone goes to the Supreme Court and challenges if the EO to establish FFA is constitutional.


Wait, is FFA even established by Executive Order? Is there anything giving it power to be a cabinet position?


bad idea, state academy.

bad idea, makes no sense to have the health department run the fire academy

best option


FFA will always be recognized in our hearts.


my dogs and my cats, just let ffa be a state academy


oh please a fire academy under a state health department wooo!!





mfw NONE of the senators who’ve voted on the FFA establishment bill have gone through ffa (searched for certifications, none found, you can do the same here.)

mfw NONE of the senators who voted realize that FFA has a purpose above and beyond just providing employees to SCFD (ffa is NOT post for scfd)

mfw NONE of the senators who voted understand what a legal establishment and legal recognition of firefighting certifications issued will mean to those who have them

mfw the senators voting try to put a fire academy under a medical department

mfw the senators try to put an academy that offers state-wide recognized certifications under the purview of the county

mfw the senators know nothing about fire/ems in the state and try to tell us why the way we think is wrong


thank you but i went through fsfa and was a paramedic

thank you i realize this but, i guess sincei voted nay i just am completely stupid.

i mean i do i held a certification too.

ffa also is an issuer of a medical certification by the way, that is why others want it under doh.

it can be a county ran academy and still have the certification used state-wide, i don’t get why people think oh, it issues a state-wide certification, it HAS to be a state level academy. that logic is just wrong.

mfw aestheticallyhappy tries to assume that i know nothing about fire/ems in the state and then try to tell me everything about myself when he doesn’t when i literally served in scfd as a paramedic and also was trying to get dual-certified.

i already disclosed why i voted nay, and its not that i want it under commerce, health, or the even the county! i am open to hearing all ideas and tower and i are on the same page about ffa! cool, who proposed it even voted abstain. there is no way that ffa will ever get through the senate whatsoever.


there is no need for this all to be wrapped up in a bunch, just let the firestone fire academy be a state academy

  • it shouldn’t be under the county
  • it shouldn’t especially be under the health department
  • it shouldn’t be under SCFD; we aren’t going back to SCFA

notice how this is talking about FFA

instead of compromising with the senate, compromise with those it directly effects, you know, the FFA staff and the certified individuals in the state


FFA Certification Board for reference ^

county ran assumes the involvement of SCFD, please read above as to why that cant work.

yeah… thats how state-recognized certifications work… they are issued by the state…

fsfa was years ago, is your certification still valid? can you practice in the state currently? are you still up to speed on the SOP’s of paramedics? do you understand how firefighters operate?


quite the service to SCFD and the fire/ems service if you ask me