FASCAR: Wheelman Cup Series

The FASCAR (Firestone American Stock Car Auto Racing) Wheelman Cup series will begin hopefully in March and is looking to bring racing back into Firestone. Race times and dates will be announced as they’re finalised but, we are currently looking for Primary and Secondary Sponsors for the series.

Team information and sign-up will be posted soon enough following this post. Please ensure you join the Firestone Speedway Discord for more information as it comes out: https://discord.gg/nMFC9ybCR5

A document giving a rundown of the point system, driver information, and sponsorship information can be found here: FASCAR: Wheelman Cup Series - Google Docs

This competition will be run by ISC (International Speedway Corporation) at the Firestone Speedway. We hope to bring the fans back to the track, and to be able to share the event via livestream, with new graphics, and commentators.

This series will also help ISC know whether or not Firestone as a community would be interested in racing at external tracks from V2!



sounds fun - is this following standard NASCAR rules for cautions and such or are you making up some custom ruleset?

also curious how flags will be displayed, I imagine colored protest signs and a custom yellow car for safety, otherwise this looks dope though


For Cautions as we said in the document, we’ll run competition cautions for vehicles to refuel. You can refuel under green flag conditions too but that is at the drivers/crew chiefs/teams discretion.

Flags are an idea put forward to the development team already which we’d hope to use, however we do have lights already around the track to use for cautions, green, and red flags. For the pace car (NASCAR equivalent of a Safety Car) we’ll use a red F-150 with hazards out with “PACE” as its plate.


Sounds like a good idea, good luck to those competing


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