Exploiters helping out criminals

Hello everyone, ChiefKeykaad here.

Over the past few weeks I have seen a change in the kind of exploiters we have in county. It has gone from people just flinging cars for the fun of it but now it’s seeming to actually change to exploiters helping out criminals in bank robberies and shooter situations. Constantly, there are series’ of bank and ATM robberies by criminals where for some of them, exploiters were present; teleporting around, being invincible, flinging people, etc, overall helping the criminals so they don’t get caught.

An example of this would be something that happened just before I wrote this post. Me and some DHS were enroute to a 911 call on skyway bridge from a criminal who does not exploit, and plays the game just like a normal criminal should, saying “prepare for something huge… this is a wake up call.” As DHS expected, this was a distraction call and just as we arrived at skyway the Redwood bank alarm went off. We diverted to there, and just as we got on scene our cars were flung by an exploiter who was inside the bank. Every officer who attempted to go anywhere near the scene had their car or themself flung, and we couldn’t do anything about it. Keep in mind these exploiters are helping out the criminals. Criminals are an integral part of the game and they are roleplayers just like all of us, and they are being helped by exploiters at their own discretion. I managed to take a look at the taker who was flinging everyone, and it was a familiar face. Just around 30 minutes earlier there was a redwood bank robbery where there were exploiters on the roof of RW bank with invisible guns, and when we went to cuff them they teleported out of our cuffs and flung us.

Here are two gifs of that situation, where we arrived and our cars instantly got flung

An example of an exploiter that has been nagging every cop in the past few days would be Xboxnoob75, an obvious alternate account that goes in county and exploits to help criminals. The user is friends with Conxtro, a known criminal in Firestone.

What are your thoughts on this? Because for me it has been nearly impossible to catch these guys seeing as they fling us and teleport around and randomly spawn in guns.

first post btw


This isn’t the only case, just earlier today, an exploiter loaded his car with people, flew it in the sky, and helped criminals on the RW Water tower. At least 3-4 people were armed shooting at everyone on the ground.


Update: The same user rejoined the game around an hour later, teleported up to the water tower and started shooting at the people on the ground. He had unlimited HP and ammo, and this was simply a distraction so that other criminals in the area could kill people.


No comment


Association with exploiters…


thats literally why v2 isn’t fun anymore because it gets ruined by exploiters all the time.


In my opinion criminals who voluntarily get helped by exploiters or who ask help from exploiters should receive the same punishment as exploiters aka a ban.
These criminals are not trying to enjoy the game, they don’t care about the game anymore and just do everything to get some lego dollars or to shoot some other people to ruin their fun in the game.


You see @FedoraMasterB98, this is why a group filter needs to be introduced (Only MCC+ allowed in V2, harder citizenship test, obvious alts denied from joining the group etc). Paid access isn’t the answer to solving the constant loop of exploiters that are funded robux from their main accounts to get access to V2. The way I see it is you’re just letting the problem exist and milking money from it via paid access. It’s time you start taking serious action or your community will soon die out. But hey, I’m just some random DHS Agent so I’m probably not “important” enough to have my opinion heard.


I don’t think fed looks at forum


Yeah he doesn’t. I think the only way of contacting him would be through discord dm’s or when he joins general vc sometimes.

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Your right and when we page for a game mod during these situations it takes a while for one to show up IF they even show up.


Best and smartest thing to do is ban criminal associating with exploiters. Even if its a RP with exploiter just don’t rp with it


This is precisely why @Zytholax is right in everything he wrote in his post. This community has gone downhill for this specific and exact reason. No active game moderators. Seriously… DO. A. REFORM.


@1superchris2 Yeah…

Or when you do “-help” in game and no game mod shows, so you tag @ Game Moderator in the discord and certain game mods get salty… so you’re kinda stuck sometimes.


Hiring more mods or reforming mods don’t do anything. Exploiters still find a loophole. Grant (One of the current exploiters) he has a group with 54k robux and many accounts.


honestly, fed won’t do shit. we need more mods and it proves it. we also need mods to be able to ban from discord. in mayflower when people were exploiting and shit, they were banned instantly due to the amount of mods and how they can just ban from the discord if they’re on mobile or anything like that. it’s just the little things that matter


I Agree with this 100% like 6 times in the past week here is what happens.

Criminals do a bank robbery and once the hostage taker (exploiter) gets the money he pretends to stand behind the back door when hes really teleporting and converting the cash and coming back and they getaway with it.


When your friends with a game mod to help you with exploiters when doing crimes :sparkles::fairy:

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I know people who can do discord to trello logs. Obviously Firestone runs off a Trello based ban system so it’d be easy to setup. But trello bans are broken right now so mods are in a rough spot to where they can only server ban.

If Firestone implemented a command in discord to where it submits a card to trello things would be much easier, it just needs to be done.


In my thoughts, I believe more game mods are needed the amount right now just isn’t enough for the amounting of exploiting that happens 24/7.

A really far out BIZARRE idea which is a big stretch is to stop selling access to the game and pricing the game like 1 thousand or 10 thousand ROBUX or completely seal off the game to Middle-Class Citizen+ only or tourists + only. You could do that for a month or a couple of weeks which would drain the exploiters Robux and sending them poor and them being tired and bored of waiting. My best choices would be to raise the game price way higher, restrict the game to MCC+ or Tourist+


Please look into these issues regarding moderation I may not have the best ideas but listen to everyone.