Expillix for House of Representatives, September 2021


Hello, My name is Expillix. I am a citizen of Firestone who is running for a spot in the House of Representatives in the September 2021 Special Elections. I have been a citizen since 2016 and have held several different positions throughout Firestone and its Departments which have provided me with the needed experience and qualifications in order to hold the position of Representative. I have recently come back to the state after taking a hiatus from ROBLOX since 2018. I currently do not hold any positions within any Departments which will allow me to put in all of my time and effort into taking up the full responsibility of being a Representative.


  • Deputy Sergeant of the SCSO
  • Corrections Officer of the DOC
  • Trooper of the FSP
  • FPS Officer of the DHS
  • Senator (2018)
  • Colonel of the FNG


  • Work with citizens of the State in order to have their voices heard
  • Create laws which will benefit departments who deserve more attention
  • Amend old and/or outdated laws to adapt to modern changes
  • Pass laws to give needed support to law enforcement officers
  • Create laws to support the upcoming businesses


Due to my past experiences in Law Enforcement I have been able to understand the workings of some of the departments and agencies. This has allowed me to see what types of laws are and aren’t necessary in order to keep everything running smoothly while allowing the hard workers themselves to stay safe.

I would like to thank you for taking your time to read this and hope you support me and my ideas. I hope to become a Representative of the State of Firestone.

Feel free to voice any of your questions, comments, or concerns, at
Discord: exclusive#2251

Hope to see you soon,


Which laws?

Such as?

If you could elaborate on your plans I may be willing to support your campaign

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What did you do during this time?

2018 was a long time ago and a few things have changed. Someone who hasn’t been active in the community for nearly 3 years would be beyond out of touch with the knowledge of current issues and practices.

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How long did you serve? How will you achieve your plans?


Obviously as a Senator I made and passed laws I believed would be of benefit to the State.
Though 2018 was only 3 years ago like you said only “a few things have changed”. You make it sound like it is completely impossible for someone to ask around and learn what’s causing trouble for many people. The year can change but the role of a politician stays the same.

I served a couple of months before resigning from my positions due to being unable to give enough time to the State at that time.
I will achieve my plans by working with other politicians as well as the people of Firestone to view what are the most commons problems being faced.

like what laws tho

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