Executive Branch Leadership Transparency Release #01


34 days ago, the NinWin1-Hecxtro administration took over the reins from former Governor Joshernaut. In those 34 days, we have executed a smooth transition, developed policy, and produced results in a situation we hadn’t planned on occurring.

We know results are crucial, and over the past four weeks, we have created monumental criminal justice progress, worked with Congress to promote legislative change, nominated key cabinet members, and more. With nearly one month down and a month and a half to go, we want to represent what we have done and what we hope to accomplish with the remainder of our term.

First, however, we ask that you take some time to discover more information regarding the private businesses that provide key employment opportunities and services to this community!


With the upcoming holiday season, now is the perfect time to visit many of our small businesses throughout Stapleton County! Small businesses support our community, create jobs, and put customer experience first. They also allow those with an entrepreneurial spirit to do what they love in our community. With that being said, I have done my best to culminate a list of nearly all small businesses currently operating within Stapleton County - listing services, missions, applications, and more. Please take some time to visit these businesses to help employees and employers!

Bean Machine

Whether you’re looking for a caffeine boost or a location to host your next event - Bean Machine has you covered! Applications are open 24/7, 365 for staff positions for anyone interested in serving up a morning boost. Individuals looking to apply for a staff position, or those looking to reserve the space should look below!

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/VqPDrpP

Gathering Center Rent Form: https://forms.gle/c1CQNbYu9qJezhYp7

Bunny's Auto Sales

Interested in purchasing a high-quality pre-owned vehicle? Bunny has got you covered! With a wide variety, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect vehicle. Cheaper than retail with top-notch and personalized service, be sure to stop by to fulfill all of your vehicle needs!

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/2hS8Pc7

Cako Bakery

Cako Bakery is the perfect stop for your baking needs. Cako brings the best of the best to the industry, providing top-notch service to all customers looking to purchase a delicious pastry. Applicants who are interested in working with these sugary treats can find more information below!

Application: https://www.roblox.com/games/4882432802/Jobs

Firestone Bloxmart

Do you have a passion for retail work? The Firestone Bloxmart is seeking trusty and loyal employees to help get the business up and running. Find out more information regarding this new store below!

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/ynAERAZ

Firestone Chick-fil-A

At FCA, it’s always a pleasure to serve you! A restaurant offering gourmet food at affordable prices - some may say their mouth-watering chicken is to die for. If you love it as much as I do, they are looking for talented cooks and cashiers who have a passion for quick-service. With a salary of $100 FSD per shift and versatile training, their benefits are incredibly competitive. Interested applicants can find more information below.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/3xDhN9E

Group Link: https://www.roblox.com/groups/6370405/Firestone-Chick-fil-A#!/about

Firestone Speed Association

With the recently created Speedway, the Firestone Speed Association will be hosting minor and major events with the partnership of the Firestone Speedway. Rewards can be from anything in-game (rims, etc.) to up to 5,000 ROBUX or more. If you are interested in this, start creating your team! You can find more information here below.

Group Link: Firestone Speed Association

Jeff with J's Insurance Company

Need the peace of mind brought by insurance? Or perhaps you’re interested in covering everything A-Z. Come on down to Jeff with J’s Insurance Company, where you can find nearly every insurance known to man - health, car, property, personal, boating, or full coverage! Find out more information regarding registration and staff applications below.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/Efd2g9V

Group Link: https://www.roblox.com/groups/7289903/Jeff-with-Js-Insurance-Company#!/about

Kotse Travel

A business looking to revolutionize travel in the county - Kotse Travel offers transit to individuals who are ready to let the driving to one of their professional drivers. To help get this business off the ground, they are looking for those with a passion for driving to join their Travel and Security team.

Resources: https://trello.com/kotse

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/xKMAkeT

Pigeon Kebabs

A restaurant on wheels? Pigeon Kebabs makes it work! Opened in 2020, these are top-notch kebabs at an affordable price. Kebabs aren’t their only specialty, feel free to try one of their dinner boxes! Highly trained staff are passionate and enthusiastic to serve each customer. Those looking to work for this top-notch kebab food truck will find benefits including a free shift meal and $500 FSD per shift!

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/gkRJ5U2

The Burger Barn

As one of the fastest-growing small businesses on the ROBLOX platform, stop by for the excellent service and stay for the delicious food! For those looking for employment, this business offers two divisions; the Burger Broadcasting Corporation (Media) and the Burger Barn Security (Combat and Security). Interested applicants should visit the links below for more information.

Group Link: https://www.roblox.com/groups/4322358/The-Burger-Barn#!/about

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/ny7ZDDu


Help keep Firestone’s traffic levels low by utilizing URides - a ride-sharing platform for individuals interested in a plethora of offered services for free! Drivers are well paid, have no required activity quotas, and may work whenever and wherever they please! As long as you are not a murderer or are a kidnapper, URides would love to see your professional driving capabilities put to use. Find out more below!

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/zsZVJvs


Yet another stop for delicious grub, Wendkings offers everything from chicken and fries to burgers and other home-style cooking. Customers might be interested in their upcoming giveaway, more information can be found in the links below. If you end up loving it, they are looking for dedicated and enthusiastic applicants to help serve the community!

Group Link: https://www.roblox.com/groups/7186491/Wendkings#!/about

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/GqYrARK


Our administration values transparency with our constituents. Though progress made regarding state security and other classified ventures will not be disclosed, the following list composites accomplishments achieved between November 3rd and December 7th - roughly 4 weeks.

C.III.III Amendment

A major reform regarding criminal justice - individuals convicted by the courts may now serve no more than three hours within the Department of Corrections. Improving the strain on employees within the prison and ensuring equity for incarcerated individuals, we believe this is a monumental improvement towards improving the current criminal justice climate.

Statute of Limitations

With the intention of protecting the right to a speedy trial with relevant evidence in an appropriate time frame, this protects individuals regarding civil and criminal complaints from being charged with evidence that may no longer be relevant or has not been utilized within an appropriate timeframe.

Abolishment of the Department of Defense

The abolishment of the Department of Defense has allowed for a self-sustaining accountability program for the Department of Homeland Security and the Firestone National Guard. Though we appreciate the service it’s former employees, we were pleased to work with the former Deputy Secretary to come to an amicable decision.

Establishment of the Firestone Bureau of Investigations

With state-wide jurisdiction and the power to further investigate crimes occurring within Stapleton County, the department has been quick to jumpstart operations while ensuring utmost quality in their policy and candidate pool. I look forward to seeing tangible results coming from the department and its leadership.

Renewal of the Board of Pardons and Parole

The Board of Pardons and Parole has recently earned a facelift; with our new Attorney General, two re-nominations, and one new renomination being a sitting Senator, we shall process current and new pardon requests with little delay. These individuals are unbiased and seek to determine whether or not reformed individuals within our community are deserving of this second chance.

Attorney General Nomination

Following the resignation of Former Attorney General UprisingAmerican, idot_dannyboy’s nomination to serve as the Attorney General for the Department of Justice has garnered positive results - with the high standards expected from the Department of Justice being maintained coupled with swift and productive initiatives. His dedication to justice over his long career within this state and his experience within the department is exactly what the Department of Justice needed, and I am more than pleased to see his current performance.

Firestone Bureau of Investigations Secretary Nomination

Following the establishment of the Firestone Bureau of Investigation, Bjohn323’s nomination to serve as the Director of the Firestone Bureau of Investigation is exactly what this fresh department needed. An individual with copious amounts of investigational experience coupled with his long-term pattern of stable leadership has ensured the stability of the Firestone Bureau of Investigation.

Firestone - Mayflower Ambassador Nomination

The NinWin1-Hecxtro administration and the Department of State are delighted to work with AlexanderAvington, a liaison with the State of Mayflower to discuss foreign relations and other entities pertaining to cooperation between the two states.

Department of State - Archives Office

The Department of State’s Archives Office is currently under development with the purpose of archiving old laws, archiving old state information, old pictures, and other documents/relevant historical artifacts. This organization will help unite a large portion of Firestone’s history into one area for easy access.

20 Pieces of Legislation Signed

Since taking office 34 days ago, I have had the honor of signing 20 well-crafted and equally important bills and amendments to our state laws. I thank both the Senate and House chambers for their productivity and bicameral cooperation, as well as Lieutenant Governor Hecxtro and Speaker of the House FIoatmanjason for their dedication to their respective chambers and for their professionalism in executing their duties in session.

30 Cabinet Reports Submitted

It is crucial that the executive branch maintains smooth operational procedures. Cabinet Reports help our administration address any new issues proactively rather than reactively. Since my ascension to Governor, no department has missed a single Cabinet Report submission without an appropriate excusal. We have been able to keep an eye on our departments and have addressed any red flags that were noticed.

I would like to thank the legislative branch for their productivity during this term. It certainly has been difficult given current restraints, however, I thank each and every one of you for doing your best to produce legislation that benefits constituents and has a meaningful impact on our state’s operations. Many of our accomplishments would not be possible without you, so I am thankful we have been able to maintain a positive relationship.

Additionally, I would like to thank the Cabinet and Sub-Cabinet for being swift in the execution of their duties. Submitting these Cabinet Reports and maintaining steady contact is crucial to ensure the peak performance of each department, and for going the extra mile in their duties, they all deserve to be recognized as dedicated public servants with a passion for their work.

However, we aren’t done yet. With a month and a half left, we still have work to do. The following are goals we still aim to complete before January 21st.


Ratification of the New Constitution

Our administration is still eager to ratify the new Constitution. We have been in communication with key authors of the proposal, and we are continuing to provide feedback to result in an update to the supreme law of the land.

Completion of the Firestone State Patrol Audit

As of yesterday, November 6th, the Governor’s Office initiated an audit on the Firestone State Patrol after receiving numerous complaints and allegations describing the following;

  • Command Bias

  • Command Inactivity

  • Communication Issues

  • Failure to Abide by Policy

I hope to have a conclusion as soon as all information has carefully been reviewed and appropriate decisions have been made if necessary. Our administration has high expectations for departments, and we hope that the Firestone State Patrol comes out stronger following this audit’s conclusion.

Increase in Public Accountability

My job is to serve the people. It is absolutely acceptable that myself and Lieutenant Governor Hecxtro are held accountable for our actions. Therefore, we shall be releasing polls in the future to ensure that the public will have the opportunity to ask questions, provide comments or concerns regarding the decisions of our administration. Though we cannot please everybody, I will make it my goal to ensure that all voices are heard.

Facilitation of the Firestone Census

To gain better information on the growth of the state, as well as demographics regarding these individuals, I aim to facilitate the Firestone Census within the next few weeks to gather data - comparing it with the previous census and contrasting changes in population, employment information, and more.

Supervise the Execution of the Fair Employment Act

As a stark advocate for employees and employment rights, I will watch the implementation and performance of the proposed Fair Employment Act closely. Should any issues arise, we will aim to be swift in our response to ensure employees are as protected as possible.

Completion of the Governor’s Board

The Governor’s Board will be a Trello Board containing a directory, information on the Governor’s staff, active executive orders, memoranda, initiatives, awards, and confirmations. We hope that the central localization of the information will allow the public easy access to review the current administration.


When I first joined this state as a public employee in the Department of Transportation, never did I expect to be where I am today. For that, I have to thank each and every one of your support, criticisms and suggestions. I am nowhere near the perfect Governor, however, I have done my best to ensure that every decision that I make is in the best interest of the people. This is not about me, this is about Us. We have come together to create meaningful change in our state, and as long as I am an elected official, positive change will always be my main goal.

Please, never hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, comments or concerns.



Governor of the State of Firestone





Very interesting.


good work this term

@NinWin1 thanks for bringing an amazing ltg into the senate!! @anon53012218 thanks for being there for me


original pizza … ):



parole board and statute of limitations were my ideas!!!


Did I ask


I don’t like that you put the C.III.III under your term accomplishments. You and Hecxtro had no influence whatsoever on my decision to motion to amend the bill to 3 hours. I don’t think you can take credit for that, as you had no influence on it…


Apologies! Never did I intend on taking full credit for any of the aforementioned items listed - I knew it was a notable advancement in criminal justice reform and I did not initially see a reason to leave it out of this release. Though I did not claim to take credit, I can see how it’s inclusion might cause confusion.

I applaud @Cenosity for his motion, and I hope that he and other sponsors of that amendment are recognized for their work.


To be fair, it’s an “accomplishments” list, which would typically be of accomplishments you and your administration make throughout your term. Hence the confusion as to why it was on there. My bad!


It aint but ig the list is ight


I like this approach of executive transparency; it shows the Firestone Government’s accomplishment and progress, also the other means to shut the users who state, “X governor did not do anything.”

Keep up the excellent work, and I hope you fix the many issues the state has. Would be nice if citizens talk about their concerns or problems to their representative as that is their purpose in the state. Please do not keep your issues to yourself but discuss it with others.

Keep up the excellent work, @NinWin1, and @anon53012218


one of the very, very few governors who i’m actually confident has been interested in trying to effect a positive change for the state rather than just seeking out their own self-interests

good work, both nin and hec. for all those who overlook your effort and needlessly question your intentions, do remember that there are still those of us who recognize and appreciate the little things you do every day to make our community better for each and every one of us.


this does not intend to in any way infer support for or against any of the administration’s subjects of policy; it is made only as an appreciation for the act of working and governing that they do.



I liked josh but ur cool as shit too


good work uncles!


I don’t think you’ve participated in the writing of any of the legislation you’ve cited here… I don’t think you should claim others work as your own if you’re not the one writing things. Over the last month that I’ve been watching things closely. Literally EVERY Governor signs legislation are there any in particular that you actually assisted and advocated for that you’d like to say you’re proud of?

All in all I still have absolutely 0 clue what anyone in the executive branch is and has been doing for the past month. People can shoot praise, and all of that stuff but the reality is, unless I can see something that’s been done I don’t know what we’re praising here. How many times has ninwin advertised private business, how many times has he advertised the law’s he’s boasting as an accolade?

All I got from this is, Congress votes on legislation, and we have a few new private businesses, very cool.

Legislation was a month backed up on the general legislation trello
Links on official law trellos leading to the wrong constitution
The constitutional section of the general legislation board being so backed up that it has things from the XYZ links.

None of this stuff was being done until less then a week ago when i bitched and moaned about it.

I haven’t seen Ninwin do anything, and I’m just keeping it real Ninwin is a cool guy, but you can be a cool guy and also not be doing your job.


I see where you are coming from. I didn’t think I would have to make a disclaimer, however, this is probably the time to do so.

This post was not created with the intention of stealing the spotlight away from the work of legislators, department heads, employees and small business owners of our state.

Lieutenant Governor Hecxtro and I had hoped to make a post to keep the people informed regarding substantial events which have occurred under our tenure. You are correct. I did not write the C.III.III Amendment or the Statute of Limitations. However, those would not have occurred without my signature. I spoke directly with the former Deputy Director of the Department of Defense regarding it’s abolishment. Lieutenant Governor Hecxtro was the primary author of the bill establishing the Firestone Bureau of Investigations. I re-nominated two individuals and nominated a new individual to the Board of Pardons. I interviewed four Attorney General candidates, nominating the one you see today. I nominated the Director of the Firestone Bureau of Investigations. Firestone and Mayflower have once again renewed our foreign relations, thanks to working with Ambassador AlexanderAvington. The Department of State is branching into new work, beginning with the Archives Office with my guidance. 20 pieces of legislation (none of which were written by you) have been signed - again, thank you to the legislative branch for your hard work. Cabinet Reports which had been neglected over past terms have become a mandate, and as a result, not a single cabinet report was missing.

I like you, too. I respect where you are coming from and I truly appreciate the criticism. Using a position within an elected office is a privilege. I used this privilege to collect a forum post with notable achievements that occurred during my term - since it would not make sense for me to collect achievements from the former Governor. You can take everything I said if with a grain of salt if you choose to do so, but after reading this post, I hope you would have at least some clue of what the executive branch - and every other branch has been up to.





If you want to get technical, I could have let them sit for 3 days, or I could have vetoed them!