Everything Wrong With our Law Enforcement Agencies

I may be preaching to the crowd on this, but this is silly at this point. I’ve seen left and right the complete disregard for rules coming from many law enforcement officers. I’ve seen an abundance of incompetence from every agency and today I’ll be giving you my thoughts on our law enforcement agencies and my proposition(s) on how to fix them.

*Disregard of Protocol
Countless times have I seen many officers use unneeded force drawn out on victims, and a lack of morals and common sense. It’s disquieting that I have to see officers that are put through POST have little to no courtesy of civilians when doing their job. An example of this is giving no warning to citizens when deploying a tazer or a firearm and end up shooting an innocent bystander who had no clue of the situation. Another is a police officer pulling out of a parking space and bumping into a car and simply driving off after without giving out their name and badge number. I’ve seen officers run red lights all the time without their lights on during an emergency. These are just SOME of the situations I’ve witnessed as a civilian in Firestone.

*Outright Incompetence
I see too many officers that jump the gun on everything and use excessive force. But this by far is just disgusting. I mean, honestly. When there are officers who can’t spell words like “kidnapping”, or use the correct “your” it’s really embarrassing. It’s laughable that we have officers that are unprofessional and can’t spell. It really makes us look like TRC. It’s flat out embarrassing that POST allows these kinds of people through, and even more embarrassing that law enforcement agencies accept these people’s applications.

My solution to this mess is to have a law enforcement wide inspection to trim the fat of the agency. Maturity on duty, ability to carry out duties, and handbook knowledge should be evaluated in this inspection. This can be done personally (I wouldn’t recommend), through different sessions at a meeting place, or through a test every officer must take.

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A Citizen of Firestone

Also, here’s my article on Everything Correct With our Law Enforcement Agencies

Seeing this I think you are talking about misuse of a service weapon, this is very rare. For example, there is about only 1 recorded misuse of weapon every month in FSP.

When a civillian is running, warning them is not required, as the suspect is activley running. For people that are interfering with a scene, taser is usually used after the person is warned to leave the area. For people that are not running, but failing to comply, a baton is usually used to get them out of a vehicle if in a vehicle otherwise a taser is used after failing to comply. Usually when a officer uses a taser it is justified.

Car accidents are commonplace due to the fact that it is hard to operate a vehicle (even I got in one onduty). Usually a officer gives his name and badge when hitting someone, but if not you should sue the officer for failing to give name and badge (or hit and run if they flee a scene)

Once again, misuse of force (for gun) is rare. However misuse of taser might happen more often, either by accident or on purpose, but fairly uncommon.

This is a invalid statement. 95% of officers know how to spell.

Most of this article is just overexadurating, and in reality most of the stuff (with the exception of the officer hitting a car) rarley happens.

you uh, mispelled two words in your final statement. “overexaduration” and “rarley”. so uh, that’s disproven.

I dont have the time to spell proof my whole paragraph I made. In the county I usually do not misspell words.

Well, that really docks your argument. Note I made a separate article that glorifies some of your responses so take a look there before spouting off at me and quoting me.

As the individual who actually established FSP’s Field Training Program back in March 2018 and pronounced the FSP Training Bureau’s leadership throughout the rest of the time until my resignation in July(???) 2018, I have seen some negative turn-arounds. However, I still find that the troopers that have been trained during my tenure as Director of FSP : Training Bureau are competent. I haven’t seen any fuckers who messed up recently and I still see them as perfect as I trained them to be.

Officers who “jump the gun on everything” is normal. You can’t expect everyone to be as safe as they appear. We’ve had criminals that blended in like civilians and we have no fear of pulling out our guns when we don’t feel safe. However, you are correct about the grammatical issues within departments. I find it ridiculous how people with grammar issues can apply and enter the department, but it can be fixed in the future. POST’s responsibility is to take cadets into their education system, and teach them how to become a good officer. Sure, there can be minor inconveniences, but they still perform efficiently. The new cadets are dedicated and they are willing to serve.

As Sharm replied, individuals who are running always use tasers to counter individuals who try to evade officers on foot. What do you expect? We have to drop our guns and say “hey bud we’re gonna tase u if u dont stop” when they’re literally 10 studs in front of us?

Now, tasers are rarely used to counter individuals who don’t comply. That’s not how I trained my employees, and I’m certain as all hell that POST doesn’t train their cadets that way either. We use it as a defensive system, much like the pepper spray. It is directly in POST guidelines and DPS directives that we HAVE to warn before engaging a suspect with a non-lethal weapon. (unless they’re evading us of course smh)

For your parking lot argument, there’s a shit ton of people who run into police (on purpose) daily. It’s expected that civilians record and sue them in the court of law in the event of a traffic violation or criminal action. It’s that simple. Parking lots are heavily crowded and tiny bumps into cars are expected. It’s ROBLOX, man. take a chill pill on that.

Misusing a lethal firearm is completely rare. I haven’t seen anyone misuse them since dogsandpuppies777 back in September 2017 when I was a Sergeant. I trained my trainees with mature tactics on handling people and I also partially cooperated with POST during my tenure as a director of the Training Bureau. Officers who accidentally shoot and kill people happens sometimes, but that’s either because

  • they got into the crossfire
  • they confused officers (which happens all the time because some people don’t know how to use the hands up animation, SF confused a LOT of officers back in my day. i’ve also shot and killed an SF officer soldier(???) back in 2017 way before I even got to bronze command. accidents happen.)

~ v. (Inventize, Adobical, Inspiric, SourcedInfinity)

Okay, but you really didn’t respond amply to my tazer statement. Not to mention it doesn’t seem like you read my other article that also glorified some of your arguments and clarified my own arguments. Also, today there was a hostage situation in the dealership and a hostage was shot. So, do what you will with that.

hostages can get shot if they get into crossfire. they can get patched up by EMS easily after the situation is over.

people can run towards officers during times of panic, and that happens in real life. officers have to relay shots if the hostage taker is shooting towards them.

But I see that as a misuse.

of course its a misuse, but accidents happen all the time. there is no preventing accidents, even if you had all of the training in the world.

Also, I will give you credit for your “running at officers” argument. I understand that. Although I’ve had two instances where officers prematurely pulled out of a parking lot and hey hit a car that was parked. One turned on their lights after so it was an emergency I assume, and the other just went off and hit the curb as he pulled out.

By no means do I think that all LEO’s are compromised, I reinforced that in my other article. This is simply one side of the story.

fsp doesnt have a good evoc section on parking lots and stuff cuz their training facility’s hella outdated lmao

we literally have v2’s first gen cars

but i worked with it and tried to advance on it, and it worked. not sure about the new generation of leadership tho

Firstly, a hostage situation is probably one of the most HARDEST situation for a officer to deal with in the county (If the hostage taker is inside a building)

I would refer your complaints about the hostage situation not to FSP or uniformed SCSO. Talk to SCSO SWAT or DHS CRT

90% of the time the hostage situation is at redwood. If its in redwood, a perimeter would have to be set up a lot of civillians try to interfere with a hostage situation

Secondly, unlike real life, there is no windows to shoot the hostage taker, or know where the hostage taker is. So its impossible to do a safe, easy, sniper shot against the hostage taker. Its also hard to get information on who the hostage is, who the hostage taker is, where they are, etc so it is highly possible a officer can fail to save a hostage, or even shoot at a hostage. **There is NO INTEL whatsoever provided to SWAT and CRT, and they have to act within seconds after they breach to find out who to kill and who not to kill causing the chance of a hostage being shot on accident highly possible. Hostages can also be in the crossfire as hostage takers usually position themselves right behind the hostage. SWAT / CRT should not be punished for accidents done in a hostage situation.

sniping isnt even possible in v2 bc of the shit guns that the dev team bought

There’s some insight. Thank you, that can explain some things. Although the officer who refused to give his badge number and name is completely at fault.

Good discussion guys, thanks for the insight further than what I had. Glad we could talk. Check out my other article, it touched on some of your thoughts and clarified some of mine as well.

yes that happens

thats why u record and be like those people irl who go viral

I feel like this dude is talking about fed when he is scso or fsp