EpicXboxDude for House [REAL]

EpicXboxDude for House of Representatives

Firestone Experience

  • Stapleton County Councillor x1
  • Court Clerk
  • Department of Boating & Waterways
  • Department of Public Works
  • FBC Writer
  • Stapleton Powergrid Public Affairs
  • FRA Vice President

Political Agenda

  • Support open carry on private property
  • Uphold the principles of Firestone
  • Review outdated and vague bills
  • Ensure private businesses are still flourishing and encourage expansion
  • Regularly update my constituents on any bills and note their concerns and possible ideas

I encourage you to ask any possible questions or concerns regarding myself and/or this speech.

I hope to alleviate any old issues and yearn to recharacterise myself.

/s/ EpicXboxDude

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good efforts + nice pfp

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