Employees Rights Act in the State of Firestone

for Employees Rights in the State of Firestone

Be it enacted by the State of Firestone House of Representatives and Senate in Congress here assembled:

SEC. 1.

(a) This act may be cited as “Employees Rights Act” for short.

SEC. 2.

(a) Employees of all departments and businesses of Firestone and Stapleton County shall be provided of the following rights as employees of our departments:

(b) The right to be free from all discrimination, prejudice, and harassment of all circumstances. No employee may be suspended, terminated, or punished because of their beliefs and/or standings however may be suspended for insubordination.

(c ) The right of a safe environment and workspace, free of all hazardous situations. Department high command must ensure their members are safe while working, however this right may be waived in a line of duty that consist of ensuring the general public of others, such as the role of a law enforcement officer.

(d) The right to remain in a department for delivering statements that go against the employer or high command of their respective department-- and shall not be punished for complaining about how things are done and such, but may be punished for ultimate disrespect.

(e) The right to work without pressure and prejudice in the workspace.

(f) The right to feel free to execute their duties in their job without fear of being punished by an employer for personal vendettas and/or bias.

(g) The right to be treated the same as others who work in the same department-- and no other employee shall be treated more beneficial than one another.

SEC. 3.

(a) This legislation shall be enforced by the executive branch, and overseen by the judicial branch.

(b) The Judiciary may interpret this law at times which are failingly ambiguous while it be tried in a court of law.

SEC. 4.

(a) All laws in conflict with this legislation is hereby declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to the State of Firestone Congress.

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