DOT Tug Boats

Ok so, hear me out but… What if DOT had tug boats? Ex: Someone boat is sinking, DOT comes, tows them to shore.

I think it’d be cool for them.


I think that you mean tow boats? Tug boats are used for guiding really large ships into ports.tow boat TowBOAT-U.S.-towing-bitt-560px-Boat-credit-Boat-Owners-Association-of-The-United-States

Yep thats what I mean haha. I couldn’t remember the real thing.

give it to dobw


@TheGreenLego_Brick DOBW doesn’t get a radio (correct my if I am wrong) and wouldn’t therefore be able to see calls etc.

It is DOTs job to tow things etc, DOBW would need training etc if they were to tow.


if this is given to DOT then DOT shouldn’t have busses/taxi’s under the department as they’re already inactive enough with those services


I agree with Cuxle.

then they can give us a radio

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Isn’t DoBW already getting a team/radio once their boats come?

support !!

I think this would be great but I think these should be assigned to Dobw and Dobw should get a team for this that has a radio. I think that with this Dobw should get trucks similar to Fdoa

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DOBW is being established, and it’s not a far reach of the imagination to say that they deserve more action in the County. It took FDOA 2 years to get something in V2, and we’ve been preparing training for people to use it behind the scenes but working out formalities and changing guidelines is a pain.

As such, DOBW should most definitely get Towboats, and possibly even in a Ferry service between the two main docks, just as FDOA will run Air Taxi Services between Prom and Arbor. They most definitely need a team and radio to actually operate, and as is common in maritime procedure, their own radio channel(s) to communicate, again just like how FDOA has an ATC Channel. However I don’t believe there is a strong need for DOBW to have their truck, as I’m assuming there would be a DOBW building next to the docks for them to spawn at and immediately be able to spawn in required vessels.

The work can be done, it’s been shown through FDOA as well as Envelope, Path, and Fed bringing updates back to V2 while V3 is being worked on by the development team. Just gotta get their attention.

I agree with toastee. Also, DOT has so much that they shouldn’t. Buses, taxis. You guys also get railroad and your asking for a boat too? like

I mean; v2 isn’t going to be worked on now that boats were released. Fed said that once they were launched, envelope is going to be working on v3 again.

For as much as that’s what’s said, it isn’t always the reality. I’d say Fed, Path, and Envelope all work like how Valve used to, they can go between projects whenever they want, and currently they’ve been driving V2 updates.

Also as seen by the Boat update, it’s a good way to playtest elements to see player reception, so if it’s gonna be done in V3 it’s quite possible that since it’s a boat it could be seen in V2.

what if there was a mao extension to a further area only accessible by boat? the ferries can have more of a use for people who don’t want to use their boats or cant afford one

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These likely aren’t going to be added as I’m pretty sure after the boat update they’re gonna work on v3.

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howd this work with boats anchored when you park them

by unanchoring :monkey:

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This is something DOBW would do.