Dot towing rights

Ok, So As some of you guys know, I am a Public Employee in DOT, callsign 2T32. If you play Stapelton alot, You know that there are so many cars that sometimes block the road, and it gets annoying. However, Per DOT rules, we must get “papers” from LEO before towing. LEO is however always in pursuits, Responding to a crap load of 911 calls, and we cant do crap about it.

There needs to be a law, for us to tow cars that are ditched and block. It is Getting ridiculous.

Say #support for support for this.


The City of Redwood may be implementing an ordinance soon where cars that are unoccupied and are obstructing or interfering with a roadway or other public way may be towed by DoT without law enforcement on scene.

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In real life they don’t need leo

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The point is that SCSO/FSP would rather respond to a shooting/pursuit and other action stuff, than to a regular traffic control or anything like that, when FDOT is calling anyone to sign papers.

Also, don’t say “Say #support for support for this.” because it’s actually annoying and you have that image button for a reason.

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you can’t do that since that’s already overruled with a state law


If DoT were competent enough to handle such an easy task, I’m sure they’d be allowed. However, that’d be an abused privilege.

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