Docklands War

Recently, there has been attacks on Docklands after the war was started.
Koliger joined FS with the war, which caused us to be able to fight.

Now, let me tell you…
Docklands sucks

I saw them admin abusing constantly… I went shot at the Lieutenant Governor after he attacked me, I killed him, and I was banned from the server. I then went on, hid in a tree, and was caught by some invisible flying dude with a RPG. He jailed me for 84 minutes (5000 seconds). I saw them using “airstrikes” on spawn (using rockets) and killed anyone who spawned in. Who was the ordered by? The Lieutenant Governor. It was absolute bullshit. I’ve never seen a worse game. Even Mano is better. MANO! Docklands is a state that never deserved to have an alliance with the amazing Firestone.

Don’t go to Docklands. At all.

Credit to @Torenixz

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dab on that hater

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