Docklands War Recap and Clarification

Now that the dust has settled and both sides cannot agree on a winner of this “war”, let’s talk about how this all started in the first place.

In the beginning, Docklands was provoking Koliger into war, starting with raiding the Koliger Discord. In response, Koliger threatened the use of their “nukes”.

Things quieted down for a day or two, then the threats of war started picking back up. Quite a few citizens voiced their opinions on the topic, and even a Docklands Senator joined in. From there, these threats escalated even further, to the point of Koliger wanting war.

At this point, Firestone intervened. The Koliger and Firestone Department of States met and discussed potential plans of action, eventually leading to war as you all know. More on this later.

Firestone had just declared war on Docklands in support of Koliger, according to our peace treaty with each-other. The next day, Koliger followed suit, and both of the states were now at war with Docklands, entering at the same time due to Firestone not declaring war until the moment Koliger did.

The Firestone National Guard had just deployed to the City of Harford. Mass exploits were happening all around them, with admin abuse rampant. They approached the Docklands National Guard base, and even took it for a few minutes. Until the Lieutenant Governor showed up with a spawned-in rocket launcher and proceeded to non-stop fire rockets at the Firestone National Guard, along with multiple developer server shut-downs to suppress them. With this turn of events, the Firestone National Guard tactically withdrew from the City of Harford (they never retreat) over fear of being exploited into jail for eternity and the abusive admins banning people for simply looking at them. (Can’t have the peasants looking at my crown, otherwise they’ll start thinking this state isn’t actually a democracy.)

As the war was winding down and the Firestone National Guard out of Harford, the Governor of Firestone officially pulled out of the war, leaving Koliger and Docklands to fend for themselves.

Now we arrive at present day. Nobody is in the City of Harford or Havaro County to continue this war, yet it still lives on due to nobody signing any peace treaties to end the war. Neither Docklands nor Koliger have pulled out of it yet. Diplomatic relations with Docklands on the Firestone side are in complete shambles, and probably will stay that way for a long, long, time.

Now we all get to look to the future to see this all happen again, maybe with a different state. Who knows, this whole “Ro-Politics” thing is pretty stupid anyways. But hey, someone has to do it.

Thanks for reading,

Deputy Secretary of State



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