Do you think shooting trolls is the way forward? [OPINION POLL]

Not gonna lie, this a bit of a mad opinion poll. I just wanna know how people feel.

With the increase of players, we’ve had a significant number squeeze their way through the filter, causing unwanted trouble in servers. A few months ago, with a shiny new CFCT licence, my car was constantly getting glitched by some troll and I couldn’t do anything about it. A DoT employee then came to the scene and guess what…

The troll fucked up his tow.

The whole situation, which could have been a 2 minute job, ended up becoming like a 8 minute one. DoT are not the only people who get affected. I’ve seen EMS and SCFD vehicles get flipped over, when the police ain’t looking the cowards would flip the car and then dip.

During my confrontation with the troll, I was armed with a CZ75. I warned her many times, she wouldn’t stop… So I blasted her.

After that, the roleplay carried on as normal and I was ready to leave before she came back. What this taught me is that a troll is going to annoy the hell out of you unless you assert some form of basic dominance and prove you will end up coming up on top. I don’t feel any guilt or consideration doing it (it’s a kid’s game, why would I?)

Now I know there are SOME of you that ride the police’s dick so hard that you’d tell me “OH U SHOULD HAVE REPORTED IT TO FSP OR SCSO, NOW I’M GONNA CONTACT THE DIRECTOR AND REVOKE UR LICENCE” (Yes, people have said that but it’s never happened, kek). But in my opinion it’s a justified act and it allows everyone to continue their roleplay without some idiot trying to hinder this game’s concept. Plus, the police are very busy so they can’t do everything.

I just wanna know, would you shoot if you were in such a situation? If a lot of you say yes, maybe we could change something in the Firearms Usage and Limitations Act?

  • Yes, blast the coños.
  • No, it would cause other problems.

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idk its probably still murder lol

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I speak a bit of Spanish sir, and calling people a slur isn’t very nice or civil


Poll uses a “C” slur word in Spanish in an attempt to skirt civil discussion. I will unlock when this has been rectified.

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