Do we really need the F.S. Department of Defense?

Before I get ad hominem attacks, read the tag of this thread. Yes, this is just my opinion as a citizen of the State of Firestone. I am not attacking anyone actively within this department.

I’ve expressed disagreements previously with this department’s creation. For those who do not know, this department is established through “A Bill to Establish the Firestone Department of Defense”. Ironically, the main creator of this legislation also became this department’s first Secretary.

Now, you may be wondering why I care about this. Seeing as this is a department, it obviously requires employees to function. In addition to that, if the Secretary position is vacant, the Governor would have to nominate a new individual that has to pass the senate via confirmation in order to achieve the actual said position. The point is, this department does take our government’s time (i.e. nomination, confirmation) and resources in regards to people interested in employment. This is why I bring this department’s purpose into question.

The aforementioned legislation establishing this department, in my perspective as a former legislator, is quite unorganized. Section two mentions various duties without fully expanding on them, almost like the department is destined to go on a power trip. Albeit, you can see some sort of purpose after reading this section in its entirety. However, in terms of its applicability to this state, I do not see any remaining purpose. Our state rarely ever goes to war, the last war being frankly embarrassing to our state and with the Department of State focusing on revising its relations, I doubt there will be any conflicts in the future. Of course, one can argue it is better to be safe than sorry, in which keeping this department in case of war is a good idea. Realistically though, this department isn’t necessary even in times of war. The Governor (and an organized council made for the purpose of war if any) can easily execute what the Secretary of this department can do during said times. To finish the rest off, providing legal services is definitely not necessary as I know FNG already has its own legal services in place and can maintain that on its own with ease. Organizing counter-terrorism forces, I really don’t know why this was not expanded upon. There are no prerequisites established for organizing said forces which is simply concerning, it essentially gives this department the power to deploy anyone into a task force without any preparation whatsoever.

Moving to the next section of said legislation, the department’s ability to launch investigations into the Firestone National Guard is prescribed. This is where incompetent legislating is really found, beginning with the mention of ‘military courts’. Currently, there are no military courts within our state so most of this section remains at an inoperable state. The term ‘higher entity’ is mentioned which can definitely use further expansion, but for the sake of this thread we will assume it is referring to the Firestone National Guard and its chain of command. After completely reading this section, you can come to the conclusion that, in essence, this department can simply launch de facto investigations against the Firestone National Guard, not mentioning that the commanding officer is not legally required to heed said findings. Is this purposeful? I will let those in the national guard decide that.

I understand that people are interested in having this department in Firestone but what’s the purpose of using the government’s time and resources to fulfill this department’s needs? It is arbitrary at the end of the day, and unfortunately the operations of this department are classified, so what they currently do is obscure to the general public.

If they did their job then I think they would be beneficial to the state. I think one of their main things was to be the DPS of classified departments. However, I haven’t seen much activity within the department so it will be interesting how the new secretary can reshape their public image.

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shouldnt you be focusing on the judicial branch?


We’re in the works of new things to do behind the scenes the original secretary was having some alone time in real life.

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Are you sureeeeeee you aren’t writing this just because of your dislike for the author of the legislation, and the upcoming elections? Are you simply trying to add to your portfolio? I’m sure closing a department would look real nice on there, for you.

Alright, lets be real here, your reasons for wanting to close the department are probably some of the most baseless arguments I’ve ever read in my 29 years of life. Let’s deconstruct the points the two main points I’m seeing in your conclusion.

Can you cite when and where the Department of Defense wasted the governments time? The last time the department had any real contact with the legislative branch, was when the department was founded which was in September of 2019. During that time, it took legislators mere hours to vote on the legislation and pass it, and was then subsequently signed into law which took moments. So that argument is meaningless.

Can you also cite what resources you’ve delegated or that the department requested? You’re acting as if the department is asking you to construct thermonuclear bombs with your bare hands. That argument is also meaningless and blown extremely out of proportion. At most, the department would PROBABLY ask for the ability to investigate.

If anything, you’ve wasted more time with this meaningless forum than the Firestone Department of Defense ever has.


You can examine my argument and whatnot, but my points still remain undisputed.

Elaboration please so this doesn’t just turn into a fallacy.

Those definitely aren’t the two main points I’ve made, sir.

I am focusing on the judicial branch, thank you for asking sir.

I’m glad to hear that, but is it possible if the public can know what has been going on? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a formal release from this department looking back these couple months.

we dont need a lot of departments


The new Secretary of Defense here

Don’t worry about what were doing, its not really any of your business


I don’t think that’s a good department practice, you should at least provide updates instead of bringing up classification every time someone asks for information. Of course, information that should reasonably remain disclosed obviously should be classified, yes.

cc: @SeanCityNavy

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You do understand that most of DoD’s workings are Classified correct?

You know this correct?
please tell me you are aware of this


If not most almost everything we do is Classified


Everything is classified? That’s not a good sign in terms of transparency, I don’t see the real life FBI keeping every single thing they do under classification.

No, I’m just asking for releases on departmental updates in regards to organization, applications, and command changes.

Our job isn’t to be transparent nor have we specifically stated that we are going to be


It isn’t a job, sir, it’s simply a part of etiquette and would morally be right to keep your department in fashion. Haven’t you read @Clonemep 's post on this thread? He wants to see some sort of activity.

If you can’t keep that up, I don’t know why you were confirmed to be frank.

I have read the DOBW Secretary’s post

Yet you don’t understand that what we do is-

I’m just gonna stop reply until Canine replies because he can explain this better

No, not everything you do is classified, stop bringing that up please.

dod is the most useless departments ever established. get rid of them.


Okay what do you want me to tell you?

DoD hasn’t done anything because there is nothing we can do at this very moment?

What is you want me to tell you? A Majority of what we have done till now is legitimately classified

Also quiet Kas