Diesel Trucks Sounds (and Car Sounds in general)

This is pretty self explanatory, but I’ll break it down a little more.

The only truck that is diesel, is the Garbage Truck for DPW. All the SCFD Fire Trucks, (excluding the command tahoes) sound like all the normal cars, which I think sounds terrible for vehicles like those. I think it would be cool if we added diesel truck sounds to all the vehicles that should be diesel. And then make it an option to have the Ford F-150 be normal gas or diesel, because some are.

What we really should do it make car sounds car specific, so the ford sounding like a ford, chevy sounding like a chevy, dodge sounding like a dodge, etc etc etc. And then give it the possibility of upgrading the engine sound in zepp’s auto repair (Like normal tuning on a car).


i know there are a bunch of suggestions already on this, but its just a simple change by changing the audio file of the vehicles, and couldn’t take more then a half an hour. Plus everyone wants it


tbh my head hurts when driving sometimes because of the car’s sound, especially at high speeds

s u :b: :b: o r t


the current car sounds make me sick, support



i aeggree yeah

im pretty sure the dev team is so lazy that they wont do it until v3 comes out in 2069

I found a cool car sound, maybe it could b added

they put it a little loud so turn down ur volume


is that an F1 car with a motorbike engine?

@Lidels mm, has there been any discussion about this for v3?

I’d be glad to incorporate this into v3.

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