@ Developers, open v1 for a day?

I think it would be cool to revisit, and patrol v1 again. A piece of history that’s not laggy.

I would bet some others would want to see this too.


True, be nice

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I love this idea but I doubt it’ll happen because I can see a lot of flaws.

  1. The game needs to repaired. After several Roblox updates, I’m pretty sure some stuff would’ve broke.
  2. Developers needs to enable things like cars and team switchers.
  3. What about the LEOs who had never seen V1 before and not know how everything works and stuff.
    It’s been about a year since V1 died and everyone went to V2 Alpha. Luckily, I got to play V1 for a couple months until it died. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to patrol V1 after graduating Class 18 and applying to SCSO. It’ll be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me personally if I get to patrol V1. I would probably spend the entire day patrolling V1 lol.

v1 is broken.
Datastores were handled on an external database which has since been deleted. Due to that being deleted, things such as the arrest tool, car spawners, and others are no longer functional making the game literally dead.


well shit

press f to pay respects in that case



I loved v1

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Rest In Peace Firestone V1. We will miss you. :pray:t3:

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Pressed f.

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