Dev Suggestions regarding Civilian & Private Businesses

1st. So everyone knows that government employees have access to the government radio, having several channels with LEO having access to most if not all channels, well what about civilians? Currently they have phones and /team but if they need a fast communication other than voice chat your out of options, I propose we add a “Civilian Band Radio” aka CB Radio which in real life many people use the radio to get thru one or another having a limited distance for example truckers in the real world use Channel 19 to communicate with one another on the highway so lets add a radio for civilians just 1 or 2 that can communicate with one another, note that I only said civilians meaning that only civilians can talk but can not see the other channels in the county

2nd. Update the Ford F-150 to the 2021 model as well as adding a Ford F-350 dully because lets be fair not everyone likes ram no offensive ram is a good truck but I just don’t like the design of what Ram did not a fan.

3rd. More vehicle modifications, I don’t just mean tires, rims, paint, and tag but also I mean more options like brush/grill guard, aux lights, and even beacon light, while private company’s like SPG & CGF that works beside the highway they need DOT, DPW, or any LEO to direct traffic and have lights, well lets have some of these company’s to have a Yellow & Green beacon light, Yellow because it’s more associate with construction & green because it’s stated that green attracts the human eye and if that’s true hey safety first plus no other government own has green light. Now yes there will need rules to say when and when not to activate the beacon, how many beacons? 2, 1 on each side of the vehicle left and right.

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  1. I disagree. Civs have phones. Have you considered that you are just bad at the game?

  2. I disagree. Unnecessary change.

  3. I disagree. I don’t play V2.

I feel as Number #1 would be heavily abused and even if given to private businesses, if they went rogue, that’d also be bad.

Well aw jeez man no need to be rude in #1 but aw jeez thx for being nice saying “I disagree” instead of trash talking so idk man

go to v3 lol

wouldn’t crims just end up abusing the radio to their advantage?

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