Detail on cars and phones and auto shop

lets just say, this is a lot.

now let’s talk about phones first

all we have is 911, call list, and the dial.

i want the phone to be more worked on.

what do i mean?

add a text app, and call, we already have some sort of that but i mean like.

clicking on the number to call
texting someone back and fourth like this

[JasonBourneAxis]: Hello there, how is your day!
Text is unread
[Mrfergie]: Good, how about you?
They can go on texting and close the phone at any time and go back to it later, secondly

The calling problem, some people like to call but they never pick up, on the home screen it should say missed call, and they should do a voicemail, example.

Missed call from JasonBourneAxis, click to read message.
[JasonBourneAxis]: Hey pick me up later and call me back.

Now, what is an example of the texting? ROBLOX High Schools phones.

Now we move onto the cars.

The cars look very undetailed.

A tesla should atleast have a picture of the screen on the car, add colors and stuff.


The colors inside should be in firestone.

Fergies auto care should be able to work with this topic

Customizing a car.

Now not just some colors, we need to change the inside of the car, what to add or not, like Vehicle Sim.

That’s all

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Cool ideas!

Full support and really hope this get implemented!

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this is a ridiculous and completely far fetched post

you are being very ignorant to the development that goes into these things and the consideration of the other aspects of the game in relation to these ideas.

we have far more important and better things to work on than a text message app, car screen decals, or leather trims inside the cars. that’s not what this game is focused on. as for the auto shop, it will open eventually

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Meh, put texting in archives, but don’t just deny it lol. I think his ideas are pretty okay.

Car decals… kinda bad.

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yes but after everything is done then you can do this stuff

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Yeah, no.

Speaking from a developer point of view, as I developed significantly for Rockport, there is legitimately no reason for a TEXT APP, if you’re already TYPING into the chat to speak to another. I mean, you can consider the texting app for like “discreet” communications, but /e can already be considered “discreet”

However, I do agree that the phone UI can be significantly changed, because the UI for it is very bland.

Saving texts is legitimately useless but whatever.

This entire post is legitimately focused on aesthetics. What you’re not realizing, is that this developer team focuses more on functionality and gameplay than small detailed aesthetics. You can obviously tell from the slight errors in road lines and etc (no offense to you developers that worked on v2, i’m just proving a point), and it’s just un needed overall.

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No point of text. But voicemail, smartphones, and missed call notifications sound lit.

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No! Please, God no!

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you always dislike my ideas

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The phone IS a texting app.

Remember you’re typing, not speaking.