Department training quotas

Department trainings weren’t really something I expected. Sure, some may find this helpful, but those with timezones which hugely differ from the training division instructors may find this a hassle, along with those who have been in law enforcement/DPW/SCFD for a long time may find this outright annoying for them. Personally I come from a place with a bad timezone (GMT 8+, or SGT/AWST) where mainly only EU or BST instructors are able to host trainings that I may be able to attend.

Of course some will argue that trainings benefit us, of course, sometimes but half the time or most of the times I don’t find the scenarios like what one would encounter in V2 at all, and that I feel like trainings are mainly for people who are new to law enforcement/to V2 scenarios or those who are mandated to attend a training about a certain thing. Looking at other communities, most do not have required training quotas, and their law enforcement seems decent still, like Mayflower or maybe Aigio.

If this is a fedlaw thing, then we can’t do much about it I guess.
If its a DPS thing then maybe this would help with another poll I may make.

Do let me know if it is fedlaw/DPS/department’s decision.

TL:DR - Trainings = annoying for people who have been leos for a long time/bad timezone, teaches little to nothing u will encounter in v2

Do you think department trainings are useful? (Does not include Refreshers/Mandatory training from DPS)
  • They are helpful
  • They do not help

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Do understand this is my first full on post.
This was made with the help of a few people within the law enforcement community.


in my opinion trainings quotas shouldn’t be mandatory but they should raise your chances in a promotion as they’d get logged onto your trello card

trainings almost NEVER benefit ANYONE because it just reteaches what you already do in the county (driving, hrs, hostage situation, etc.)


yeah and i dont know what driving trainings are / vehicle usage trainings

edit: sounds like evoc / pursuit driving


pretty sure it is EVOC at the SCSO training center, but again it isn’t needed and is a waste of time most of the time, making them mandatory just makes people leave your department

If you feel like there are people who need a refresher, it should be voluntary


i mean if theres an issue thats common to the department that a lot of people are doing i can see why you would want to do something like that but otherwise just practicing things you already know how to do is annoying


Thank you for bringing up that point.


depends on the department. i think training overall is useful.

however; if we go over to the fire/EMS arena… if you are not constantly learning and trying to train more and get better you aren’t going to be a good firefighter


I believe it varies across different departments, but for a LEO patrol division, if you’re active in patrolling v2, you’ll get better experience than anyone who attends trainings. The SCSO trainings are literally so useless and aren’t similar to what we experience in v2 at all.

We never have textbook C7s, we never have textbook breaches, we never have textbook hostage situations without an ambush. Honestly the best way to become a better LEO is to patrol more in v2, I really don’t think these trainings help, and they shouldn’t be mandatory.


When I was in FSP I legit forgot each month. If I did remember I quickly just went to one and AFK’d while the instructors blabber on about their cRoSsFiRe and whatever. Idk who is actually helped by trainings outside of v2. Patrolling is much more experience-rich than trainings. Making mistakes in the county teach you far better as the consequences are paramount


its annoying/a chore for people who have training quotas in which do not benefit them
but for those who really need it/are new its pretty useless anyways since most scenarios or all arent what you will encounter in V2

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i feel its more useful for SCFD, compared to law enforcement departments


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