Department hats/Helmets

Currently, females have it hard in firestone with being misgendered because literally the only way to tell someone is a female is via their hair. So my proposal is having hats such as the DOC hat negate the hair so it does like stick out the top, for example, I have no idea if this is possible. If that’s not possible it’d be nice to have the hats remove hair. SCFD Paramedics usually don’t need helmets so they usually wear their hair, while an SCFD Firefighter has to have their helmet whenever they’re out of the station but they have to remove their hair or else it will look stupid going through the helmet.

Same with SCSO, the campaign hats look stupid with a bun, I don’t know why they don’t people use long straight hair, it is just as professional and realistic, I mean the only other hairstyles that would even work with a campaign hat irl is braided or something similar.

idk I’m just trying to think of a way that doesn’t cause females to be misgendered even though it’s not a huge problem and I’m like the only one that cares it would still be nice.


no cop irl has long straight hair, it’s always in a bun, but other than that, good idea, idk if possible though

just wear it in a bun

did you even read the post @JackTheKrazyGuy

how does no hair make female officers any less likely to be misgendered than the bun hair

i feel like that would make it more likely lmao

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skye be speaking facts

In the real world, most professional american law enforcement standards ban/severely frown upon long hair.

From a law enforcement perspective, long hair is no benefit - in fact, I believe it to do more harm than good:

  • You are opening yourself up to get your hair pulled if you’re in a fight.
  • Realistically, you’re increasing your risk of getting your hair stuck in/on/around something.

Your hair is tied into a bun to minimize the surface area it takes, for your own safety. Are you really willing to compromise that? Is what you’ll get in return worth the investment?

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roblox females dont exist wdym

at least it doesnt look retarded. That was also mainly for SCFD where realistically you wouldn’t see hair through the SCBA mask, it should all be tucked into your hood.

You can’t put a bun into a campaign hat, base ball hat or fire helmet. Which is literally the only thing most departments allow.

I understand that but like I said, hairstyles such as braids and like ponytails should be allowed. Sadly roblox does a shit job with feminine hair styles.

Lets be honest, straighten long hair is more realistic then a bun because of the fact that its literally impossible to put a bun in a hat.

I’ve been looking to further allow different types of hair for female members of the SCFD on the basis of it is neat, professional and isn’t long.

A few options female members of the SCFD have brought to my attention:

no 5 character

yes you can, search up “female officers with campaign hat” on google or whatever you use, it’ll be there.

this topic was already heavily discussed in another thread and the concensus was it wouldnt work on roblox

I believe it wouldn’t work with the hair going through the hat issue, that’s the problem with our covers in which it is primarily mesh, also, there is the idea of v3 which is somewhat dimmed because no one is working on it. But as of right now, v2 is breaking down and adding stuff like new hats to switch out the old hats is gonna push back v3 development even farther. The long hair would be definitely a no because it would make us like Mano County where those females would have the “Beautiful hair for beautiful people” along with the long hair and campaign cover, and it isn’t realistic to find a female LEO not wearing a bun as it would make them unprofessional, and fed would most likely say no to the long hair idea. That’s all from me

dont wear pigtails!

if you do i’ll come and pull them!