Dangerzone1111 for CE: Three Years


(Yes, I am FULLY aware i’m actively running in two different elections … i’ve already yelled at @Soiandiis in dms for her horrible timing :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: if elected Governor, I will drop out of the CE elections)

Who would have thought that three years would have come so fast? Most certainly not me. And yet, here we are, the final couple weeks of my 8th consecutive term within the County Government. Translating to 28 months, if re-elected as the County Executive, I will officially hit three straight years of service (well technically at the end of the next term) and will officially be the longest serving member of our great county (I think? Someone will fact check me if i’m wrong). Either way, the days have gone by and I’ve reached a milestone in this state I never thought I would. Do I have no life? Am I just pure crazy for putting up with it so long? That question has yet to be answered; though frankly I believe it to be the latter of the two options. To this day I dont know how much more I have in me; whether this will be my final term or whether i’ll do a whole 'nother year here. I never really expected to be here as long as I have, either. Truth be told; I only intended on serving a maximum of a year to a year and a half in the county before moving on to the State; I had planned on already having been governor and retired by now. Regardless, here we are, seeking out three years in the County Government!

For those who are newcomers and who don’t know me just yet, I hope you’re ready for the ride of your life, because I am about to blow your mind with my extraordinary qualifications and unparalleled experience. I am not just a candidate, I am a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I am a unicorn, a phoenix, and a dragon all rolled into one. I have the ability to teleport, to read minds, and to control the weather. I can speak every language known to man and some that are yet to be discovered. I am an expert in quantum physics, ancient history, and interpretive dance. I have climbed Mount Everest, swam the Mariana Trench, and walked on the sun.

In all seriousness, my name is Danger. Most known for being goofy, I’m also surprisingly experienced here. I joined this community in March of 2018; over five years ago. Officially I joined the County 28 months ago, and have since served 8 consecutive terms in various offices. Starting off as a County Councilman, I wrote legislation and amendments alongside my fellow legislators. Eventually I was confirmed as the County Chairman, and gained my first bit of governmental leadership. I led the county for almost a full year, before being elected to the Counties highest position, County Executive, four months ago. Ok well, TECHNICALLY I did one term prior to this, after Joshernaut resigned from the position, but that was only a half term so do we really count that? Either way, I’ve had the opportunity to serve with numerous great legal minds and under many County Executives, and overall, feel as if my time in this County has been very successful.


Officially, I joined this state in March of 2018. In August of 2019, I graduated POST Class 44 and began training within my first ever department in Firestone, the Department of Corrections. I would go on to work an extensive Law Enforcement career for over two years consecutively until ultimately winding up within the County Government in February of 2021. Below is a general rundown of all my former positions and qualifications within the State.

Notable positions:

  • Incumbent County Executive
  • Former County Chairman
  • Stapleton County Council (7 terms)
  • House of Representatives (1 term)
  • Deputy Mayor of the District of Prominence
  • Captain, Firestone National Guard (Current)
  • Military Police Officer, Firestone National Guard
  • Infantryman, Firestone National Guard
  • K9 Officer, Firestone Department of Homeland Security
  • Secret Service Agent, Firestone Department of Homeland Security
  • Patrol Deputy, Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office
  • Correctional Officer, Firestone Department of Corrections

Awards & Certifications:

  • POST Certified
  • FFA Firefighter/EMT-B Certified
  • County Executive’s Performance Award – CE Jackfruitism


My biggest accomplishment so far during my tenure is the ratification of the new County Charter. For almost one full term, I worked almost solely to write, from scratch, a brand new County Charter to replace the old one we had prior. This charter was designed in such a way as to be almost foolproof; to lay everything out in such a way that it is clear and concise as to what it is being established, with proper grammar and no spelling or minor punctuating errors. Among other things, the Charter was also designed to set into stone some abilities and powers only previously speculated upon within our Government.

As the County Executive, I’ve done basic things including implementing a rework of County Awards and making minor amendments to Executive Orders. In addition to this, however, I:

  • Worked with Governor Chloe to hold a Street Racing event within Prominence
  • Assisted in the selection of a new Secretary of the Department of Boating and Waterways
  • Provided assistance with the revamp of the Criminal Rehabilitation (BREC) program offered by the Department of Justice, and offered County involvement in the program
  • Partnered with the Stapleton County Weather Service to conduct a county buildings survey following a major tornado (though this initiative was sidetracked due to administration changes and war)
  • Employed a County Wide response to the War Declaration against Firestone through the enacting of a County Emergency, the authorization of Mutual Aid, and full-time deployment of the SCSO: Special Weapons and Tactics division.

IV - Plans

Listed below is a brief overview of my plans for the upcoming term:

  • Establishment of an Interim Authority Clause: This is a goal I campaigned with four months prior. Unfortunately, due to circumstances that have occurred throughout the term, I never actually got around to implementing this very simple policy (technically I did through executive order; but due to some pushback it was revoked.) If elected, I will make enacting an Interim Authority Clause a priority at the beginning of the term.
  • Establishment of a Chamber of Commerce to manage business relations: Quite simple, I intend on working alongside the Department of Commerce to found a county Chamber of Commerce for business relations. This office would be charged with holding county wide business events, seeking out and establishing business contracts with the county government, providing business reports, and, eventually, I hope to establish a business grant system to be managed by the Chamber of Commerce, among other undecided responsibilities.


I wish to thank each of you for taking the time to read my bid for County Executive. I sincerely hope to be granted the opportunity to serve as your County Executive for the remainder of this term. I wish to extend a bit of personal good luck to any other candidate who intends to put in their own bid for County Executive.

All of my Contact information is listed below in the event you wish to discuss any concerns, or if you have any further questions you wish to ask. You may alternatively opt to leave a comment on this forum’s post, which I will respond to in as timely a manner as possible.


County Executive of Stapleton County
Danger#4826 | danger4826 (Easiest method of contact)

who are you again??? uh anyways we need s new face! i support

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Support. This man will be the new face to politics that we need.

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Election concluded. Not enough supports to reach placement on ballot.