Dadudeds for Prominence District Council

Hello again! I’m campaigning for Prominence District Council in the special elections this time. Yea, I ran the first time but I didn’t get in so I guess I’m going again.

Anyways. I’ve got some experience working as a Legislative Aide for a District Councilman (Among other non-Firestone Ro-government positions), so I know the workings of Prominence and I’m familiar with the Prominence District Council. I’m pretty good with drafting legislation, and I’ve got ideas.

I plan to continue working on improving our District for businesses, and the usual work of legislating for the people. In that vein, I will always be glad to take suggestions from the citizens and fellow members of government on how I can improve myself and legislation.

I can’t promise that I’ll be able to make the government active, but I’ll do my best to put forward and pass good legislation. I will of course work with other Council members to improve Prominence.

Thank you for your time, and as always; Glory to Prominence!


Full support!

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Conterigo supports.

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