Cuffs not working in-game

Y’all I have no idea how I’m gonna actually label this as “bug reports” because there is literally no explanation to this, it’s rather extremely strange. I was cuffed somewhere close to hill view today and randomly, I was killed in cuffs and I went back to CD for some reason. No, not with guns or whatever but its like they uncuffed me and sent me back to CD, I’m not even sure about whats happening


Were you the one that was in the car with your buddy and took off and then it TP’d you back and you told him and he told me? If so I was one of the officers there and it was quite strange, it showed you still in game but you werent in my cuffs, GUI and everything was still usable.


You guys got v2ed


yeah man, I have no idea it was the first time it happened

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