Cuffrush.. but not really Cuffrush....?

Before I start I’m typing this at 11:44 PM so excuse all the spelling errors.


So for the last few weeks I have noticed something, I was on a foot pursuit and then I got cuffed. I being the criminal I am I said “Hey man that was cuff-rush” the LEO being the LEO said “Really? I don’t think so I have proof” so I asked the LEO to dm me the proof and he did and from his screen it didn’t look like cuffrush, It looked perfectly fine, this made me wonder if some of the cuff rush incidents are actually cuff rushing or is it just due to server delay with client and server. This also reminded me of a very old incident with me. Back in 2019 this incident happened staring the legend, the myth, the wonderful the best, the greatest Philip_Forth

This is the recording of the SERT, but from my screen it didn’t look like that. On my screen I was actually 10-20 studs away from the SERT.

Another clip is this

this is also from 2019 you can see the legend, the myth, the wonderful the best, the greatest Philip_Forth running into Crayxtros car and sitting inside it. That is how we all saw it. My friends and I saw it just like the gyazo link shows. Later when that FPS showed me his prospective it was a different showcase. I was actually never in the car for him. I was in his cuff and it never showed me entering the car. So this had me wondering if all the cuffrush incident are actually cuffrush or just v2 being v2. What are your thought on what I have said above (Mainly for LEOS) but I’m not saying there aren’t cuffrush on purpose, There are still some dumb incidents where a LEO at CD entrance comes running all the way to bloxy with his cuffs out.

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bruh did you only just realise this now

Sorry was lagging, probably just a client issue.

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I have had similar situations as a LEO in Firestone where I am often accused of cuff rushing. On the suspect’s side it looks completely different than what I seen on my screen.

Another example of this would be driving in Firestone. Often times I have been rear ended by someone but upon receiving evidence, it was shown that the person never came close to me. It was just my client seeing collisions.

So yea, it happens from time to time and it sucks for both parties. The suspect sees it as cuff rush and reports the LEO to a game mod, and the LEO has to write 3 paragraphs explaining his side with evidence… if you don’t record in V2, you’re kind of screwed.


That’s why you use xbox game bar to record the last 30 sec :big brain:

Xbox game bar thing makes thousands of people lag, turn that off immediately. With that on I was only able to play v2 on lowest graphic for 20-30 FPS now I can play v2 5th graphic for 40 FPS

bruh im on 10 graphics with like 60 fps

The problem with that and medal is you can’t go back as far as you’d want.

I just record with OBS and trim out the shit I need. It’s more practical for me and saves my ass constantly. God bless OBS.

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yes, not all cops cuff rush, some idiots do, but most dont

its sad when crims have to defend the leos

i cuffrush ppl that are frping
like if u flip in a pursuit
or run into rogreens during a fire, or a hostage situation


Damn bro, that’s actually nice what kind of PC?

OBS is good but not good as shadow play.

Well yeah, I started to noticed a lot of issues in v2 lately. For example

LEO cuffs
LEO: Why

uh irdk my PC, but xbox gamebar comes with Windows 10

I see no reason in general that cuffs should be out when the subject is running, we have overpowered tasers that can tase you from across the map. unless ofcourse they frped

Fed said they don’t have to say “cuff” anymore since it’s a tool already. You only have to type rp for stuff if they don’t have a tool for it.

thing is people use to say -cuffs- when they were tased on the floor and cuffing them, in this instance your running at full speed

I would like that rule to be brought back actually, but this time if you get tased you can’t get back up and run.

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Most of the people being arrested really aren’t you, and don’t know there are rules. So that wouldn’t really work.

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@Cuxle The tasers are terrible tools for us. They are extremely laggy and bounce off of everything. All someone has to do is zig zag back and forth and it’ll take 5+ officers for them to be tased. I’ve dealt with it a few times today alone. I often have to resort to pepper spraying because they run in circles and the taser doesn’t work whatsoever.

plus tap tasing puts them down for like less then a second, so when they run around in circles im literally forced to spam oc

In my thoughts I would say the first clip is a cuff rush and the SERT shouldn’t have done that and I believe that should be send to a moderator. With the SECOND clip I do gotta say you ran into the car which is kinda not allowed and I would see why they cuffed you out.