Couple of new buildings an ideas regarding v3 (Pt. 2)

I have decided to continue from my last post on some new ideas that would benefit v3 for a wide range of players as we know, a v3 update is coming up soon although unknown when it’ll be but it will be within this month sometime. Let’s begin!

Death of players and more! As we know, when you get killed in v3, you become a ragdoll and either call for help or respawn (after 10 seconds have passed). Now I would like to add in an idea where the body can be carried and placed into the trunk of the car to spice things up. This would bring an interest in organized crime to dispose of a body in let’s say the ports for example. Of course, the player would need to make it known that they’re rping that they are disposed of. Now a cool feature I’d like to add to this would be giving FBI the ability to investigate the body. It would pop up as a GUI for a tool for FBI to identify something like a bullet for example which can be traced to a specific firearm and on top of that, provide the name and info of the player just to spice some things up for FBI and crims altogether. Someone said stealing from a body should be a things which was considered a possibility by env so that would also spice things up (link down below on that).

Since we are on the subject of death and sadness, let’s move on to the next idea which are morgues. Morgues would be conducted by the DOH and would be a ripe robbing site for criminals to get some pretty good cash out of that (or steal the body if they wish so that it’ll be hard to identify a body). Once a body or it’s valuables are gone, an alarm would ring and FBI would need to be involved considering this would be a more criminal investigative case. So for the main cause, this would really benefit FBI, DOH, and criminals altogether.

Now let’s move on from that to provide several more ideas;

As we know, Arborfield is a city of farms pretty much, so why not add a dirt race track to v3? People are going to say, this will be not used much but I can say the latter. The cars would be similar to the real life dirt track cars (sprint winged cars, stock cars, dirt late cars, etc.) and would be limited to at most 20 just so it can save the time of devs. Including that they cannot be used on public roads because the race car would automatically be despawned just so it doesn’t emit chaos for LEOs. More of a pastime might I add. Helmets and racing clothes would be provided at a stand for participants just to get a more realistic feel. Anyway, the vehicles would need to drift a little more so pressing the shift key would help it steer more to you’re heading as it’ll be a big oval. It would require DOT, SCFD, and DPW to be in game for the races to work and have at least two tow trucks at the center of the track with an ambulance and a rig in case of fires and DPW for taking care of the water to “moisturize” the track. This would benefit SCFD, DPW, DOT, and civilians in such a way giving them more opportunities and make the races thrive.

I take a visit to v3 every once in a while and I happen to always stumble upon DPW’s headquarters and there is NO landfills. So where can DPW dump their garbage? Well not on good ol’ 401 or in the waters! So a landfill should also be considered as it’d benefit DPW’s waste management team and criminals if they’d like to drop off bodies there hopefully to never be discovered.

Okay now, time and how it’ll be done. I’m pretty sure you’ve either been in DOC or an inmate at one point in Firestone (or both too lol). I’d like to point out what’s wrong. There is no schedule for inmates meaning, the majority of DOC spends their time at the CP if there are no inmates on and that’s fine, nothing wrong with that. But even if it’s one inmate, one DOC should at least be in the prison because of this. Schedules like morning is breakfast time for example would show up on the GUI for both the inmate and officer team. This would give inmates more things to do rather than just sit there all day and die of boredom because well there’s nothing to do in the daybreak room other than fight and chatter (v2 part that is). What I’m hoping for is that this would be a more v3 thing as it’ll work better that way. This would benefit DOC and it’s beloved inmates coughs guests I mean.

What gives buildings an “artistic” approach? Graffiti! This would spark interest in individuals who like mischief and for gangs considering that they would be in v3 much like v2 had in the past. The spray paint canister for that would spray a random piece of lettering and would have durability considering that cans don’t have unlimited paint. Once a suspect chooses a desired building to vandalize, they can move on until they are out of that and if they are caught, they would be charged with vandalism. In the meantime, DPW would be cleaning up the mess the wrongdoer has made. This would benefit SCSO, DHS, FSP if it’s in the department’s jurisdiction, crims/civilians, and DPW.

Finally, let’s conclude this long long list of ideas. If considered, this should be in V3 from either alpha to during it’s full release updates just so it doesn’t overwhelm developers and make the community think V3 will never come afterwards. Although I think the bodies part should take top priority if most if not all these ideas are considered.

Body robbing inspired by: [V3] "Grave Robbing"

Follow up from the first post I made: Couple of new buildings an ideas regarding v3


idk about you but i think this was the first suggestion from caleb that everyone liked - and was added.