County Executive Elections

Position: County Executive

Positions Available: [1]

Signature Deadline: March 11th

Election Sponsor: Governor OfficerVideoGame


Collect ten (10) signatures on a support forum. The support forum cannot have been published prior to March 1st

Election Rules:
⇒ Can only post one speech/manifesto/etc, and may not “bump” your thread more than once every two hours

⇒ Slander will result in disqualification

⇒ You can have another job during the election period, but must resign if you win a seat

⇒ Any twitter posts about a campaign will NOT result in a disqualification. The media is free to host polls or questions about this election.

⇒ Once ten (10) supports have been reached, the candidate needs to reply with their name and speech/manifesto/etc. This will officially place them on the ballot.

⇒ Any other rules specified by any law are applied here, including election laws

⇒ Campaigning begins on March 1st
⇒ Campaigning continues from March 1st, 2018 to March 11th, 2018.
⇒ Voting opens March 11th
⇒ Voting closes March 16th.
Winner announced shortly after and the term will begin March 17th and ends 5/17/18 alongside the Governors term.

The reason for the mass gap in campaign/voting time is so a referendum can be held.


Best of luck to all that run. May the best candidate win.

Governor OfficerVideoGame


I have obtained the required amount of votes to be on the ballot. JustLikeDev for County Executive


I’ve officially gained the signatures needed before the deadline.

Brotix_RBLX for County Executive

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I have faithfully reached 10 supports Ash1835 for County Executive

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I have gotten 10+ supports. Yay! Faded_RBLX for CE!

Ballot closes tomorrow.

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Ballot closed. Voting opens today.

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WINNER : JustLikeDev/Silanxo* Ninety(90) votes

Second Place : Faded_RBLX Eighty-Five(85) votes

Third Place : Ash1835 Seventy-Six(76) votes

Fourth Place : Brotix_RBLX Sixty-Nine(69) votes

If a moderator can please lock.

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^^^ I don’t believe that Ash and I were the bottom two.

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I mean, tbh I do think that its possible, cause someone with not a lot of support and not known in county gov’t or even in Firestone, I smell it fishy.

@Markehabashi @Maltinator I call an FBI investigation on this.


tbh im pretty sure the results were legit. i mean sure u can just add cards to the list in the trello but im sure there is someone monitoring the trello. pretty sure you cant bot a game either so um

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Elections over. Winners announced by Lt. Governor, PwnzorSausage, in post 8. Can view election speeches on posts posts above.

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