Company Vehicles

I believe that all company’s should be able to create there own company cars in V3. kind of have it how it is in ERLC where you can customize a certain car. And make it a one time cost only the business owner can pay for it then all employees get the car.

Have the ability to add ELS like amber lights. And have them to be able to go on the inside of the car and have the car with no livery’s kind of like an unmarked car.

The risk to that is people making an n word livery for the car, driving it around, and getting us beaned


will think about it, maybe @Cuxle’s active game moderation team could approve liveries

This will not be happening.


“sounds like a you problem”

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hello good sir have you ever heard of firestone security services well great because they got amber lights and are the most inept people to have them therefore amber lights no.