Clearlybecs for Redwood City Council

Hello citizens,

As you know I dropped out of the House and Senate Elections due to me planning on working with the people.

I have decided to run for the Redwood City Council because I do wish to gain experience within governments. I feel the way to start is working in the City Council then working my way up per advise.

My main goal is to serve the people, and to work for the people. For far to long we the citizens have been denied our voices. Members of Government state “I will listen to your voice.” and they never do. But I am going to listen to your voice, that’s the truth.

I am sick and tired of seeing the County and State level not supporting our Municipal Government’s. I hope if I were to be elected, that I can work with the County and State to gain relations. By talking to the County and State on what we the Municipal Government’s need.

I will be working with our Mayor and Councilmen/women to start outreach programs to build our government back up.

I will be taking suggestion’s from other citizens, listening to you the citizens is a key factor in brining the City support back to life. As Councilman, I will listen to your voice, it’s needed.

I hope we can work together, to build transparency, and preside the betterness of Firestone. We shall work with you the citizens. Most importantly, we will overcome our problems.

Thank you,
God bless Firestone.
(Yes I am Aersights, name change)


Second Support




u had like 4 name changes since u were in house

I know right.

Election over.