City of Redwood Announcing Position for City Attorney


14 April 2018

From the Office of the Mayor, greetings,

Directed to those who hold Public Attorney and/or State Certified Attorney status, the City of Redwood is looking to hire a City Attorney. This shall be an appointed position, which will require a nomination from the Mayor and confirmation by the city council (once elected). As Mayor, I am looking for an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable in a general scope of legal matters, has had experience in trial, and is overall a well-rounded attorney. Duties of the City Attorney include, but are not limited to addressing any legal issues, concerns, or otherwise that may arise involving the City of Redwood, interpreting legislation and advising the executive and legislative bodies as needed to ensure it is in compliance with state statute, representing the City of Redwood in a court of law or other legal proceedings, and conducting legal investigations within the city, determining if a breach of a city ordinance or other law has occurred, and acting upon it. It is not uncommon that you will work with the Firestone Department of Justice, as to achieve the goals of both agencies. Qualifications and set criteria for the position of City Attorney are as follows:

  • Be a Resident of the City of Redwood and Citizen of the State of Firestone.
  • Have a clean record, no arrests or convictions.
  • Pass the Firestone Public Attorney Competency Test or Firestone Bar Exam, be prepared to provide validation of this.
  • Complete an interview with the Mayor and/or appear before the City Council for interview.

The Office of the City Attorney is indeed an office of the city, that being said, the City Attorney shall be permitted to have staff working within the Office of the City Attorney as to achieve the mission and standards of the office. Anyone interested in the position of City Attorney should be prepared to complete an additional application and/or essay appertaining to qualification for the position of City Attorney. Any questions, comments, or concerns can be forwarded to the Mayor’s Office

City of Redwood