Citizen Suggestions

Hello Citizens of Firestone!

As a member of the House of Representatives, it’s my job to represent the people.
With that, i’d like to hear what you have to say for laws that should be included into our beloved state for reasons that may include the following;

Improving the everyday role-play
Legalizing certain actions
Making certain actions illegal
Or other ideas that could prove to be a contribution to our state.

It’s my job to listen to what you have to say as promised throughout my campaign, and it’s my job to return the favor.

Please take your time into thinking about anything as this will remain open. :innocent:

If you would like to personally contact me, you can do so:
Surpri_se#9839 - Discord

Thank you.
Signed, Surpri_se
House of Representatives

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Few things:

  1. Fix the economy! Its broken as hell!
  2. Make Congress, Rep and Senator positions only, secondary.
  3. Legalize W33d so we can grow it by the SCFD station.
  4. Bring back city govs, if possible, daddy!
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Make Senator and Representative secondary position

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Congress will never be a secondary position

And The Economy is broken for life

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Make legislation for checkpoints etc

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There’s a difference between legalization and decriminalization.


Good luck with that lol. The last one got booted as unconstitutional.

Nothing I say is really even relevant anymore, haven’t touch roblox in a while. Though, here are some bills that would greatly enhance role-play in the Community.

  1. Bill to define good Samaritan.
    This bill would ideally introduce and define medical certifications and that one must possess the certifications to render any advanced level aid (must then define that level of aid). Furthermore, bill would include actions of rendering aid above your certified scope of practice, shall be illegal. However, things like basic first aid shall be acceptable practice from civilians.

  2. Bill to give Department of Public Safety rights over all certifications.
    This, ultimately would give DPS the ability to watch over the certifications and handle all. before a certification shall be able to be revoked, must go through a review process by the department and have a council vote on the matter. However, certifications would be able to be temporarily suspended by POST administration upon request of department High Commands, department of public safety personnel, or the post administrations themselves.

  3. Bill to define Equal and organized employment opportunities.
    This would ensure no personal prejudices nor affiliations with department heads would influence their employment ability. With this, each department would be forced to have a more structured application process that would be able to dictate the applicants employment ability. Jobs like DoT and DPW would have a less structured application, given less talent needed to perform duties. Each application shall be met with a point system, which the application must be graded and then stored, by the departments administration. With this, personal shall not look at the name of the application until after the application has passed and the background phase is to be conducted. With this, each department shall then set background standards that shall be held to all applicants. This, ensuring that regardless of personal affiliations, good or bad. All applicants have the same opportunity.

  4. Bill to introduce Leadership certification.
    This certification would be overseen by the Department of Public Safety and have personnel with department command, certified to conduct this course. With this, the course would give hypotheticals you will face as a supervisor, how to appropriately deal with them, as well appropriate ways to talk / deal with your subordinates. This would be mandatory for all supervisor roles within the state.

  5. Bill to introduce the Office of Personnel Management.
    This office would be a secondary job tasked with keeping up with employment records, conducting background checks, and overall looking over those within our community. This office would keep note on suspended individuals with past occupations, that could all be pulled up upon request of an employer.

  6. Bill to implement voter registry.
    For a while now, people have claimed that citizens have made alts to influence elections. With this, people must register to vote. The application system must have a limited amount of questions, as well be cleared to vote in a timely fashion. Voting registration must close prior to an election. This would be managed by “office of personnel management”, if implemented. Voter registration could also be revoked if convicted of a “serious” felony, upon a court ruling.


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