Change the Lock System

Please make a simple change to make all cars start unlocked, and then be able to be locked, rather than the other way around. This is a simple change that will help a lot because L stands for Lock not for unlock, so why press it to unlock in beginning? Just a bit of an annoyance.


yeah i really like having my car stolen before i can even get to it


no i mean the locking of passengers seats like its annoying how you have to unlock the door to let ur friend sit. i should have reworded better @mrfergie what i mean is that the car starts with driver seat locked and thats it

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So you basically will just let anyone sit in your car without your approval. Just click β€œL” like 3 times and it’s unlocked.

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click L once and all passenger seats are unlocked

twice and all seats are unlocked

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well maybe have like a preference thing, where you choose which seat mode by default. eh idk

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