CGOC: Investigation of Judge MarshallJAddison

May 9, 2019

By a vote of 5-0-2, the Congressional Government Oversight Committee has agreed to launch an investigation of Judge MarshallJAddison.

NOTE: This is only an investigation. No impeachment has been brought up against the subject. The committee has agreed only that it simply wishes to find out more about the situation.

The proposal is as follows:

More information relating to the investigation will be released as soon as possible and can be found on our Trello:
ALL information relating to the investigation will be released publicly at the end of the investigation.

If you have any questions in regards to our investigation or would like an invite code to our Discord, please contact me on Discord at princess skye!!#9640.

SPT Skye Jones
princess skye!!#9640


It should be noted that I will likely be submitting a writ to the Supreme Court with several Constitutional questions to help clarify this case.

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I Philip, still got arrested…

1 Like @Skye_Jones Here is a video of what happened.

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This is getting interesting

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Oh shit, they used the pic I TOOK

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I will happily comply with the CGOC investigation and answer any questions they may have.

Any questions about the incident can be directed to my DMs on discord.


I see the issue at hand but also, why does he refuse to clear away from the scene?

Yes, it’s a public sidewalk but there is a scene right there. They need you to move away from the scene so you won’t get shot or such and honestly in this situation, you could pull away that he was interfering.

anyways, time to see how this plays out and now I go back to studying for my AP test

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finally a good investigation from the CGOC


oh so THAT’s why I was asked in DM’s about the situation?


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Congratulations you are now eligible for Lieutenant Governor.


let see how this plays out,

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Not again lmfaoo

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