Cenosity & Ash1835 for Governor and Lieutenant Governor!

2020 August Gubernatorial Election

Cenosity for Governor of the State of Firestone & Ash1835 for Lieutenant Governor of the State of Firestone

Party Affiliation: Independent ( I )

Campaign Discord: https://discord.gg/3XBJmFd

Cabinet Nominees: https://trello.com/b/31Befxn1/cenosity-ash1835-for-governor

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction to the Candidates

Without a formal announcement, Ash1835 and I, Cenosity are officially announcing our campaign in the Gubernatorial Election this upcoming term. As Gubernatorial Candidates, we’re very eager to have the chance at becoming the next elected Governors of the State of Firestone.

Cenosity - Gubernatorial Candidate

Greetings to you all, I am Cenosity, a longtime community member here in the State of Firestone. Having served in the government since 2016, my past found knowledge gained from those experiences have brought me to be able to lead this great State, as the Governor. Having served as the Secretary of State; one out of two cabinet positions, I had the chance to work alongside multiple Governors over my tenure, fighting hard to stand up for State Security, and our foreign affairs programs. I worked first hand in the meeting rooms, standing up for our protection, and representing our state on the largest diplomatic platform. Since 2016, I have committed myself to building my public service record with quality leadership in the State Executive Branch, by working with state leaders to combat issues that our community has been faced with, as well as committing myself to serve the community in numerous departments, such as DPS, DOT, DPW, DOH, and FSP. My background in Firestone government has allowed me to represent you all from the municipal level, as the City of Redwood Mayor, to fighting against foreign threats as Secretary of State. Positions that I am most recognized in holding are as follows, but are not limited to;

x 2 Redwood Mayor

x 1 County Councilman

x 1 County Executive

x 2 Representative

x 2 Senator

x 1 Secretary of State

x 1 Secretary of Public Works

Ash1835 - Lieutenant Gubernatorial Candidate:

Hello, I am Senator Ash1835, Former Governor and Lieutenant Governor, no big deal. In all seriousness, it is a true honour that I have been bestowed to be elected both Governor and Lieutenant Governor within the last year. With much contemplation, I have ultimately decided to not run for the Governor position this time around. I am nearing the end of my long political tenure in Firestone and I’ve had my turn as Governor of the state and I believe we need a new voice to reignite the great fire that is our state. For those of you who have joined the community recently, I have a long history and experience in Firestone politics. I am an experienced, tough and tested individual. As I have mentioned some of the most notable positions I’ve held in Firestone but not limited to are,

x 4 County Executive

x 2 Representative

x 1 Senator

x 1 Speaker of the House

x 2 Department of Boating and Waterways Secretary

x 1 Lieutenant Governor

x 1 Governor

II. Executive Branch

In an effort to prioritize the importance of our Executive Branch operations, we will be holding this branch of government to the top of our priority list. From the working ethic of our Cabinet members to the functions of our executive departments, there are clearly ideals that have been shelved, that do not go unnoticed. We will be working alongside our Cabinet members to ensure departments are being held to higher standards, and that operations on these levels are being executed to our likings. Communication is commonly lacked in the public office, and that is something that will be changed if we are elected into office.

Throughout our tenure, we will be strategically working alongside our executive departments in an effort to address issues we deem necessary to fix, as well as to ensure that the command members of our departments are effectively operating within their departments. I plan to reform the way meetings with our Cabinet members are held, in order to identify much larger problems, by meeting one-on-one with a department, or with fewer departments at a time. As Governor, I will be keeping up to date with POST operations, to ensure our law enforcement agencies in the State are able to be communicated with new information, and ensure our POST program is running up to par.
Foreign Affairs & State Security

Foreign Affairs & State Security

As the current Foreign Policy Advisor and former Secretary of State, I would like to ensure that diplomatic relations are upheld throughout our tenure. Our administration will be working with Congress to try to establish the Firestone State Security Council once again. Our current foreign policy has not been updated in over a year, and it simply lacks the information needed to properly uphold a diplomatic alliance or relation with any state or nation. By establishing the SSC, we will be able to allow a voting process on foreign policy directives, in order to achieve a mutual agreement on our diplomatic operations. Having worked first-hand in the meeting room, organizing diplomatic meetings, negotiating agreements with Mayflower, and writing the foreign policy myself, I have one of the largest understandings of how our Foreign Affairs programs should be continued to be upheld.

We will be reviewing the G4 summit as the Mayflower Gubernatorial election is currently undergoing. G4 has been recently pushed off by the current administration, and our hopes will be to review the event in full; as well as restore its activity with all diplomatic entities involved. With Foreign relations in mind, state security lies at the top of the list in regards to importance. I will be working with our assumed members of the State Security Council; DHS Secretaries, DoD Secretaries, FNG Officials, and State Department leaders to stay up to date on all new found information in regards to state security threats. This is something our administration is going to be more transparent about if elected. Our local law enforcement agencies and state law enforcement agencies come into play; as they’re a crucial aspect of ensuring safety to all of our citizens, at all times. As Governor, I will be personally meeting with our law enforcement leaders, and state security leaders in an effort to provide a better understanding of the problems we’re experiencing, and to resolve any threats that come forward during these times.

Law Enforcement Agencies

Not only with the importance of carrying out security operations for the state, but our local and state law enforcement agencies are responsible for serving to protect the citizens of our state. I will be working closely with our law enforcement leaders to provide a better communication system, allowing their views and problems to be reviewed, and solved within our administration. I would like to be able to meet one-on-one with these leaders and sometimes plan to meet in groups of multiple departments to revitalize how we progress forward with a much better system in place. Included under this, would be POST, and it’s operations. I will be reviewing how POST operations throughout our tenure, to ensure it is being maintained to a very high standard. POST is responsible for our future law enforcement officers, and the overall issuance of new procedures for our LEO’s to abide by. It is within my best interest to be able to provide all LEO’s with a much better grasp of new procedures, and policies while working alongside POST to do so much better.

Reformation of Cabinet Meetings

As a two-time former Cabinet member, and has served on the Firestone State Cabinet within the past year, I have been able to experience how our cabinet meetings are run while viewing the issues that are present throughout these procedures. As Governor, our administration will be stricken down on policies in regards to how our cabinet meetings are structured, reports are submitted, and overall how our sessions are organized.

It is with my greatest interest to be able to meet one-on-one with our Cabinet members some weeks to discuss and prioritize issues facing one department at a time. In order to gain a better understanding of the issue, and allow for the allocation of time to fix the said issue, individualized meetings with department heads, or commands, will allow for this to be successful. In my time within the Executive Branch, cabinet meetings have been pushed off, and come more nonchalant, rather than anything of importance. Throughout our tenure, cabinet reports will stray away from quantitative data, and provide us with a more thorough rundown of how the department is operating. Our Cabinet is essential for change, essential for our departments, employees, and our state; which reflects on how we hold them to our standards. Cabinet meetings in the past have been poorly planned. As Governor, we will adapt to a schedule that is voted upon by our Cabinet in order to best suit their scheduling needs, allowing for a much larger attendance, and overall more activity within our Cabinet itself.


  • Holding Cabinet members to higher standards; Cabinet Ethics in regards to meetings, department operations, and overall performance.
  • Formation of the State Security Council
  • Reviewing and revamping the G4 summit
  • Foreign Diplomatic Relations; ensuring the Department of State is continuing its work
    • Including the upkeep of current relations, and revalidating the G4 Summit as the Mayflower election is underway
  • Meeting with local & state law enforcement leaders to maintain forms of state security, and direct lines of communication with POST
  • Reformation of Cabinet Meetings; allocating time for individual meetings with department heads or command members
III. Legislative Branch

Our current Legislative Branch has obviously exposed some cracks in our great democratic system, being in the Senate as of right now and in the past, I have seen this. There is a constant struggle to achieve quorum on a basis. Now, this term hasn’t been as much as a problem on this issue, but it lingers in its ugly form. Now you may ask “how can you solve this problem?” I eye the current problem at the number of seats we have in congress, which is far too high. As a former Presiding Officer, it’s stressful to know that you might not fill up all the seats in your respective chamber during an election period, and if you do at least a seat or two will be empty in a few weeks, or deal with clueless individuals who squeaked their way in to fill the vacancy. I want to propose an amendment to the constitution to restore democratic elections where people can efficiently vote for our elected officials and not have the positions won by default from lack of interest by limiting Representative seats to 11 and Senate seats to 8. I know this has been attempted before but I believe I can get this done once and for all. Now having slight Libertarian views I know how important transparency is to the general public, to ensure this I want to continue the current administration’s policy of informing those who are interested in what legislation has passed and has failed or anything in between via state announcements. I also want to make sure that we work closely with our House of Representatives to ensure they hold the same qualities as the Senate do, including, transparency, activity and other aspects of efficiency. They also need to be ready to take part in joint-sessions at any given time.


-A constitutional amendment to reduce the number of congressional seats from 13 Representatives to 11 and 10 Senators to 8.

-Continued transparency; Press releases after every session, (what passed, failed, etc.)

-Working with our friends in the House of Representatives to ensure clear communication and efficiency.

IV. Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch plays a critical role in the functionality of our State, and without it working to high standards, justifiably, it will not be able to play the prominent role it serves its purpose for. Working closely with Chief Court Justice Skye_Jones to ensure that the Judiciary is working as strong as it ever has, to allow us to push forward in a progressive manner. It is within our best interest to work with the CCJ to ensure our Justices are faithfully executing their duties efficiently, with competency, and affiliation to the State of Firestone. I will be working with Skye to ensure that nominations are presented by qualified individuals who will faithfully serve and execute the duties of their office.

An important issue facing our Judicial Branch at the moment is the lack of Bar Certified Attorneys; and their willingness to serve the State of Firestone. Currently, Firestone only has 33 BCA’s, and roughly 10-12 of them do not practice in the State. The ineffectiveness of the judiciary comes down to the number of cases being presented to them, with the only 6 active judges available; and 15 attorneys to represent the over 280 clients with pending cases.

In aspiration to allow for a much smoother process, it is within my interest that Skye will get the Judicial Mentorship Program up and running effectively, in hopes for a better selection of nominations for our District Court Justices. This is something she is currently working on doing, and I am very hopeful for this to play out well. As we only have 4 currently, it is within my hopes, that after this is done, that these numbers will begin to rise, despite the rate at which they will, unfortunately. As she has stated herself, the job of the judiciary is a lot of paperwork that most people do not want to do, and we’re hopeful for these numbers to increase very soon.

V. Goals
  • Restoration of G4 activity and foreign affairs

  • Clear separation of powers from state and county

  • Review of the Firestone State Security Council

    • Work closely with the Department of Defense, State Department, DHS Secretaries, FNG Officials, and Foreign Advisors on State Security related issues.
  • Upkeep of Foreign Diplomatic Relations with Mayflower, fellow entities

  • Draft a new foreign policy with the State Department

  • Meet with executive departments, and local/state law enforcement agencies individually

    • Track progress throughout the tenure; reassess
  • Transparency within all branches of government

  • Increase in Activity within our Legislative Branch

  • Judicial Mentorship Program up and running to allow for a better selection of qualified individuals for DCJ

  • Future nominations of more District Court Justices

  • Cabinet Meeting Reform

  • Monitor status of department operations

    • Including department command structures functioning to standards
VI. Conclusion

We very much thank you for taking the time out of your day to read through our Gubernatorial speech, or at least gain some more information in regards to what we have to offer. Rather than unrealistically setting goals to achieve, we’ve laid out plans for what we will complete throughout our tenure if elected as Governor and Lieutenant Governor of the State of Firestone. We hope to gain your support in this election; by all means, send us a private message if you have any questions!


Gubernatorial Candidate

Lieutenant Gubernatorial Candidate


support, good luck from your opposition :wink:

no hard feelings bby ash


I support!!!




support honey


unexpected woah.







I :older_man: support 🏿 Ash and :clap::smiling_imp: Cenosity running :running_man::running_man: for :clap: governor. :man::man: Ash :joy::clap: is :tongue::sweat_drops: epic, :dancing_women::grinning: cenosity is :clap: huh. :thinking::question:


i lose all faith in firestone if this duo does not win




What are your plans for other departments, it seems like you are primarily focusing on Department of State?


I will be posting a public agenda outlying a majority of the departments, and what our plans are in regards to them individually. As of this speech, the executive agenda expressed how I will be combating the issues with our cabinet activity, and thus looking into each department one-on-one to ensure their department, and command staff are operating to a high standard. Past administrations always put this off, and it is something I would like to get back into doing. Having served twice in the cabinet, I am very particular, or you could say strict in the way standards need to be met, and upkept.

I will send you the agenda outlining each department individually very soon! I’ve just got to finish it. You can find basic information on my plans with POST, and LEO’s, as well as the State Department on this speech; everything else will be done momentarily.



~ CertifiedLaw


State Security Council already exists lol.

cabinet meetings were worth it and I don’t think they should be removed.



Support, sounds like the right and logical choice to me!


Secretary of State




Not removing cabinet meetings. Just revising how they will be held; as a x2 cabinet member, I have seen how past administrations failed to properly do so, and will implement this plan if elected into office, to better suit the needs of each department respectively, and the schedules of our cabinet members.


yes yes yes!!!


I mean wouldn’t it be a good idea to see how they currently work under this term which can be seen to be a success before acting on previous administrations ways in which they conducted the meetings when you were a cabinet member lol.