Casket1256 for the Redwood City Council

Amenities citizens of Redwood,

I, casket1256, hereby declare that I am running for the Redwood City Council. As some of you may already I know, I ran for the House of Representatives, however, I had to drop out due to lack of signatures. Further more I feel that this is a great entryway into legislation within the State of Firestone. I have experience outside of Firestone, I feel that the city of Redwood would benefit from me tremendously. While I am not in any departments within Firestone, I am in a multitude of businesses. I am in the following businesses:

  • Probationary Explorer with the Firestone Police Explorers

  • Chief Operating Officer in Wendkings

  • Standardrides in URides

  • Employee in General 24/7

  • Trainee in Chick-Fil-A

    If I am elected Redwood City Council, I will do several things. The first of those being protecting the small businesses. Getting businesses within Redwood getting better contacts in law enforcment, as I know some businesses have trouble with security and theft. I will also communicate with the Department of Commerce about getting more businesses events within Redwood.

Thank you for your continued support.


I truly appreciate you willing to get out there and try new things!

With that being said,

I support & endorse your campaign for Redwood City Council.


Redwood Mayor


Gay man sir

Thank you, Sir! @SymisFly

I support!


I support 100%


support and endorse,
deputy mayor
city of redwood

Thank you to everyone who has supported me.


Support my g



I see someone’s doing things for commerce. Support.

-Sgt. jackh4m_r, SCSO

Support, I really think this person should get it, I rarely upvote people as they don’t seem committed to doing this job, this person will be an amazing person in the council, therefore, I 100% support.

do you like caskets

It was the only username that I could think of that was available.