Casket1256 for the Prominence District Council

Citizens of Prominence & the State of Firestone,

I hereby declare that I, casket1256, am running for Prominence District Council.
I have served one and a half terms (still serving) in the Redwood City Council.

Making this brief;
I have several plans for the District of Prominence if I am elected. These include events to get more information from the Citizens. I plan on doing this through Q&As and Open Offices (Coordinated with the Mayor). I also plan on proposing laws to make it safer for businesses to operate, amongst other things.
As I previously stated, I have experience serving in the Redwood City Council for almost two terms. I also have experience working in businesses, as well as owning businesses.

Vote for casket1256 today to make Prominence a better place!



Good candidate, support!

/s/ MisterTypo
Arborfield Deputy Mayor
Stapleton County Chairman

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Support but improve ur plans


Mr. OliverSteph,

Thank you for the feedback! This will be taken into consideration as I come up with new plan ideas!

/s/ casket1256


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agreed, more plans would be nice

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i have changed my mind
good luck in office, you have my support

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support, more plans please

Like what exactly?


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support good candidate but as stated in other comments more plans would be nice other than that u should become prom council

I also have plans to make it a safer area in general through Bills/Laws, as it is not the safest place in Firestone, especially during events.