Car additions

when a car crashes, it should indent in the car wherever it was crashed. they can also take it to the maintenance shop behind pool to repair it

tires can also be shot out


this would cause so much lag and would be horribleto script since ROBLOX isn’t like GTA


ur gonna lag either way cuz ur pc is ass


Cuxle’s right about the car denting thing, would be too hard to implement and would be real laggy.

I MIGHT be okay with tires getting shot out IF it can be done to BOTH civ cars and leo cars. We dont need another advantage over criminals. The only vehicles I could see having bulletproof tires are the Bearcat, CRT F150, SS vehicles and FNG Humvees

car crash damage is gonna be chaotic because most v2 drivers have the driving skills of a 5 year old at an arcade, and shooting out tires will definitely be abused but its not the worst idea if it has some guidelines set up

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just have arma iii damage models they got a good damage system


i stand corrected monke

You’re using server-grade CPU and GPU on a Lego game. I can’t say that’ll work the best.

What do you use that Quadro for lmao

its a VM but it STILL WORKS GOOD MONKE @Pearism

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we only have like 1 dev and its env, how can u expect him to script all that and plus its v3 time

One thing this community has proven to me is that a multitude of people here don’t know how to distinguish lag and fps

v3 thing if anything

Others have answered quite well already, but something shall be said. This is what I shall think about the topic.

This is not Emergency Response Liberty County, I do not see how shooting someone’s tires would help both the criminal and LEO side, it would become annoying to both sides.

The next topic shall be car damage. The current vehicles very much have not been made to show things like that from what I have seen unless if one uses particles to show something, like when one shoots at a car.
For low-tier computers, showing real damage on Roblox and in v2 is not the best idea. Roblox ain’t made to create small bents when u hit another’s car, like in other games as of right now, maybe in the future.

i raise the old roblox destruction derby games for v3, lets take their scripts and remake the chassis for it all other answers are wrong

people would stop playing from the amount of times theyd get rammed


hush child

a small price to pay for me to reenact dale earnhardt’s final moments at turn 4 at Dayttona so yknow eh