Canines Rant Part 3 - Armed Forces

So in the past 3-4 weeks, I’ve quietly separated myself from Firestone and spent time exploring other groups that potentially interest me. I found myself involved in military groups. The military community itself, is ok. It’s an equivalent to our form of community, but with more exploiting and racism apparently not sure what that’s about but whatever. I took note of a great deal of things while I was there. Now before I go off on my rant about Firestone’s armed forces, mainly the Firestone National Guard, I’d like to quickly reveal that I do have an interest in going into the military, and that interest might become a reality in the coming months, I’m still on the fence about it. Irrelevant.

The Firestone National Guard currently is structured like a fresh batch of weekend warriors. Their sole purpose is to act as a force that can come on when called upon. Now me personally, I don’t like this. There are some people who come to Firestone simply for the military aspect. I personally, (this is the main part of the rant that I wanted to throw out there), would like to see the Firestone National Guard structured more as an actual military force, mainly like the United States Military. Our government is structured like the United States Government, and quite literally mocks it in many ways, yet our armed forces don’t. Now, there are many people who are opposed to this change simply because the military style and format doesn’t interest them, which I understand. And I’m gonna be honest here, I’m fairly certain more people appeal to that type of roleplay, and it can be healthy to introduce a new and restructured version of a military to Firestone, especially in today’s climate, where we’re desperately seeking new things. I have devised a few incentives to draw people into FNG, one of which being enlistment bonuses. How these would work is beyond me as of now. Time for a few tangents.

The Air National Guard was an idea that was brought up awhile ago. Initially, people were for it. In terms of Fedora, he wasn’t so much for it as it would just be more aircraft in the air in-game, resulting in more lag. Now keep in mind, this is before our last super big major update that saw a huge reduction in lag. The air national guard can provide so many more services besides just ferrying the Firestone National Guard. The idea of pararescue was proposed. For those of you who don’t know what pararescue is, it’s pretty much exactly how it sounds. Pararescue personnel are apart of the (United States) Air Forces special forces. They’re essentially highly trained combat personnel capable of providing an advanced level of medical care in combat zones. Seeing as FSP:ASU’s Medical Response Unit has kind of taken a nose dive (no offense), it’d be a good addition. It would especially beneficial for citizens to interact with those in the Firestone National Guard.

The Coast Guard is by far the most neglected section of FNG. The puddle pirates deserve much more and much better treatment than they received during their time of existence. Seeing as v3 is going to introduce many new things for them, there’s not much for me to comment on. One suggestion I do have though, add a form of trafficking by sea. Make it so criminals can like collect and transport packages or crates, store them on their boats, and transport them somewhere for a reward. And the Coast Guard’s job is interdiction. It’d be nice to see the Coast Guard have actual interactions with people out on the waterways.

The Rangers right now are essentially the Firestone National Guard’s “elite” force. Now here’s one of the main topics I’ve been looking to get to. Their freedom, is so beyond restricted, it’s not even funny. The way I see it, they’re literally just glorified infantrymen. People don’t want to see expansion or change from the Rangers because they’re “afraid” of a potential special forces v2 situation, which I think is bullshit. The Special Forces incident, if you even consider it a situation, was caused by bad oversight and bad leadership (no offense). This can easily be prevented. Now if you ask me, and I’m sure if you ask others, I would like to see the Rangers be molded into something more of a Tier One Unit, or a Special Missions Unit. They honestly deserve to be recognized as much more than just glorified guardsmen. Spending time with these guys, I’ve learned that they train hard and they just wanna shoot bad guys, they’re not out to plan mass coups and shit. And to be honest, people are over that. That whole incident was 2 years ago, and most of those guys aren’t even on ROBLOX anymore. Right now, Firestone lacks any form of a group capable of performing extraordinary operations. CRT and SWAT are domestic groups, we need something more. I believe with the proper oversight and the proper setup, the Rangers can easily become the elite fighting force of Firestone. If you really want to see and learn more about what I’d like them to be, I’ll throw some links here, here, and here.

Overall, I’m just looking for some changes in FNG. I want to see some restructuring and improvements. And most of these changes don’t even have to come from FNG HICOMM, they come from the government and the people. Everyone needs to allot more trust into the Firestone National Guard, and give it a chance to be something much better than just a group of weekend warriors.


Firestone’s Lead Defense Intelligence Operative
Former Governor of the State of Firestone


thank u canine, so inspirational


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Except for the fact that this is what a National Guard is literally meant to be. They are here to deploy stateside at a moments notice. You mention how that we are based off the United States and again, that’s exactly what a National Guard is used for within the States.

Seeing as I don’t have experience within FNG myself, I cant comment on most of this, although some guardsmen that I have talked to said that its pretty much a carbon copy of what a National Guard is. I don’t believe a National Guard for a State, a peaceful state like Firestone as a matter of fact, should be solely focused on complete military control.

This is interesting and I would like to see this implemented within FNG. Would for sure draw more positive attention to FNG.

This seems like a great idea should it be added, although I don’t see much use for it now but I see you mention V3 later, so I’m not gonna comment too much on this section.

Considering I’ve never seen ASU medical response for the almost year I’ve been in the state, I’m wary as to how this would work. Most people don’t even role-play medical scenes enough to warrant this in my own opinion, and even then pararescue is mainly used on saving downed and captured servicemen therefore I don’t see a need for it currently.

100% agree but there is nothing for the Coast Guard to do currently as there’s no functioning waterway systems. Maybe the current Guard command could build it up.

This would actually make the maritime laws that we currently have useful, I agree fully with this section.

With this being a National Guard and not a full fledged active duty military branch, I have no idea what purpose the rangers serve other than being glorified infantrymen. Perhaps in more dangerous environments a ranger regiment could be deployed instead of less trained infantrymen. Still questioning why a ranger regiment is in a National Guard.

Again, as for Firestone being a peaceful state, I don’t see a massive need for an oversees fighting force. There’s a need nonetheless should we ever go to war, but currently, not so much.

In terms of the real US Army, Rangers are not part of these groups for a reason. Rangers in real life are quite literally highly trained, glorified infantrymen, not elite special forces. However, I am not completely opposed to establishing a special operations command.


gentlemen as the foremost authority in writing hour long essays on these forum posts i now order you to discuss the topic at hand.
speaking of which.

  1. do not get involved in military groups. i will repeat, DO NOT GET INVOLVED IN MILITARY GROUPS. much of their systems are corrupt and HRs are almost always buddy-buddy and gang up to bully lesser individuals. had experience.

  2. while FNG is certainly the place to try out new divisions, the problem would be implementing them in a way to concur with both developer and curriculum writing requests. in military divisions, you try out, in firestone, you wait for the tech to be developed first. sucks.

more may come but right now i’m hitting the sack.


I’ve had more than enough experience in that regard, no matter who you are, if you aren’t a friend with a higher up, being the owner or co-owner of that group don’t expect to get anywhere.

While I haven’t seen any of this in FNG and I hope to God that I don’t, it’s still a massive issue within roblox milsim groups.


Forgot a comment on this in my main post but,

I am not completely opposed to opening an Airborne unit within the Firestone National Guard, I still don’t see much use for it currently. With V3 coming out, this comment may change and there could be a massive need for some sort of airborne / air assault unit within FNG. It could totally be built up right now while we are here in V2 but as Jeffrevin states with

he is completely right and I don’t see any current tech that could benefit an Airborne/Air Assault unit with the Firestone National Guard. Even then I couldn’t see much use for an Airborne/Air Assault unit currently, should we get into shit creek with another state or hell, other nation this could for sure be super useful.

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This bit is something I can answer myself, as I seem to be the shoe-in for running the ANG as a whole. The Pararescuemen - PJs for short, comical name for how absolutely unapologetically badass they are - essentially are a QRF or Quick Reaction Force specially trained to deploy into hot-zones and quickly exfiltrate from said hot-zones as quickly as possible with whoever they aimed to pick up. They could be picking up a downed soldier, they could be picking up a high-level GO who’s Naked and Afraid:tm: in the middle of a wooded area, which is actually looking much more likely to exist given that V3 looks like a tropical island now.

Also, added to the little bit you posted after, the ANG is planned to be much much more than just a bunch of pilots going “weeeeeee this is fun!” (trust me, if the flight script is good I’m gonna be going “weeeeee this is fun” a lot).

If you’ve got any more questions or concerns about ANG then shoot me a dm on discord


1/10 didnt say anything about infantry


That’s like saying Chicago is peaceful lol


i agree with this writing piece


can confirm

source: have been in mili group

meh i dont know how i feel about making fng more “Armed forces”. on one hand, milsimmers might join. on another hand, I think some of FNG are already toxic enough, do we have to bring in more toxics?

pararescue is just… i dont know. i dont think it’d fit currently how FS is with barely any medi scenes.



It was abolished in ASU due to SCFD getting it’s own Medical Division,

Seeing that ANG will take tactical transport there isn’t really nothing left for ASU (only AP)

Speaking about aircraft’s the development which isn’t that great keep in mind, there are a lot of issues with the heli i.e taking off and yet the developers haven’t fixed some issues


Seeing as I am the Deputy Secretary of Defense for the State of Le Firestonia De Robloxia and the former (And worst) Brigadier General of these States of Firestone’s National Guard, I have to agree with my boss.

FNG has little to nothing to do, no one wants to go to war, Fedora doesn’t even want to finish FNG’s Raiding Place. Last time the National Guard did anything was the Docklands War of 2017, even when Governor The_Envelope allowed NG to just raid groups, the PMC/Military community was dieing due to no one having interest in it.


I enjoyed reading this post


From someone who’s been in United States Military groups for over 10 years, I can say that it’s definitely not the way to go. You’ll just end up with too many meaningless divisions that have the same job. Everyone will be rank hungry, and because of all the “different” divisions, there will be more officers at the top than enlisted personnel at the bottom. On top of that, the only real purpose of having an elite special operations unit is to raid other groups, and defend a warzone. I don’t see a raidable base in Firestone’s future, and I highly doubt Firestone will be getting into any meaningful wars in the future. Outside of making another hostage rescue unit on top of CRT and SWAT, I don’t believe it’s a good idea to add units that have no real purpose besides looking like oper8ors.

However, I would be in support of more jobs for the Coast Guard, and more maritime crime systems such as gun smuggling and piracy.


I in no way said we should become or ally with other military groups, not sure why that was brought up. I’m simply saying why don’t we structure our armed forces like a nation. I get it it’s named as a National Guard, doesn’t mean it has to be directly structured like it’s real life counterpart. I’m just saying there’s potential for something much more. Some people are really only interested in the military aspect, and there’s room for improvement there. And I never said turn the rangers into a hostage rescue team, not even remotely what I said.