Can Dyingsym and CoolPilotCaio1 really ensure peace in Firestone?

During the past few weeks. An elevated amount of crime & gang activity has been going on, and it is mad serious.

Hits on people, block shootings, event setups, ambushes, everything! And what does the Government do. DyingSim promised a change, peace, safer society. But, we haven’t seen any of that at all.

In fact, the same week he was sworn in, assassinations, mass shootings, chaos, and more erupted! We got a change alright, a negative change. Mass criminal road blocks, Riots have been going on.

Are we really going to see some positive changes anytime soon?

I ask the Government these questions:

  1. What are you (The Government) doing to ensure peace in Firestone without Aggressive & corrupt LEO’s.

  2. When do you think you’ll gain control of all this madness?

  3. Are you investigating any of the former Aigio Conspiracy Towards Firestone?

  4. What do you think should be done?

  5. What do you hope the outcome will be in the future?

We have not seen many improvements yet.

The public needs to know why we voted these people. Because I promise you there will be much worse times.

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Yes they can.

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Of course they can!

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where crime WHERE??? bro pls im bored


uncool, i am not a dumbo

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Just look in the news.

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this is your first forum post… WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY COSSASAL!!




The government is corrupt, so the answer is no

Complete and total execution of those violating the law

peace and prosperity

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tbh u were too bored so you had to write this.


There is no evidence of any kind of corruption at any level of the State of Firestone’s government as I am sure @1superchris2 and @Wolf_RBX would love to detail further.


There is

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Not the people your looking for, but as a 4 year member, in FNG and SWAT and the cabinet, ill throw some stuff out

Agression is excactly what we need to deal with the issues.

  1. the first ones in months. relax. gives us stuff to do anyway.

I wont throw too much information out there as to not stir this pot again, but thats mostly dealt with.

What’re they gonna do… deploy fng? lol.

voted for*

Not their job to deal with minimal ammounts of crime. Trust me, i’ve seen FAR worse within my 4 years. This is your typical day in firestone. Gang warfare, RP, and hitsquads and stuff come and go. SWAT and FNG and im sure CRT and FBI are doing our job.


They most certainly can, you can’t always prevent crime…

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Literally no one cares about this anymore


ALSO just because there’s been an uptick in crime since DyingSym was elected doesn’t mean anything at all. These problems existed before and have only now recently picked up. Its not on him to “Solve crime”


Lmao you really had to create a new account so you can spread some bullshit propaganda to try and discredit Sym for all stuff he has no control over. Mind you he literally JUST came into office now, he hasn’t had any time to implement most of the stuff he’s wanted to do.

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this has been going on for months, i hope you know that crime is the foundation of this state and without it there’s nothing to do.

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Please submit a tip to my office if you honestly believe that

same goes to you

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Roger that

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