Calling for Removal of County Executive, Sp_encer

Good afternoon,

The county executive has proven to be both incompetent in his tasks, as well pure ignorance to the departments he’s supposed to be overseeing. With his recent action, he suspended the county council for taking a look into the leadership of the department deciding if it were capable of operating under it’s current leadership. Due to a leak in council and Sp_encers disapproval of county council doing what they’re elected to do, he shut it down.

The County Executive has been briefed on the circumstance and refused to take action, where the report was taken to the county council. The county executive, claiming that the county may only act on directives they’re given (implying by him). How does an elected official shutdown an elected office?

The County Executive, who has came out the wood works this term (after vacating Firestone for months) got elected without anyone I know voting for him. With this, not only does he have “I’m better than you” mentality, but also has a power hungry mindset and will not allow anything that doesn’t fit his agenda, fly.

Due to the county council being “suspended” or “shutdown”, I’m calling for out State representatives and delegates to craft a bill to vacate the office, in an emergent fashion.

This County Executive has proven incompetency in dealing with the departments under county jurisdiction and will continue to hold down the county, if he resides in his current position.


Stapleton County Fire Department.




While he does have the right to temporarily shutdown our operations. It would not be in the best interest of the people to ever have a shutdown, especially when we were drafting a bill for what they have shown to want.

Again, I personally think Sp_encer can recorrect his actions. As he seems like a decent executive, just, the county government is having so many issues at the moment. Recorrecting this shutdown would be in the best interest of the people, in order for them to obtain proper representation in their government bodies.

I believe an impeachment is fitting at this moment, sadly.

But, with taking office, I shall do what is in the best interest of the people, not the executive or my fellow councilman. The people are what matter, it is what gives those in office authority. Without loyalty of the people, you posses no power. Bestow your power with the people, and you have power.
I shall, as proven before, conduct my duties in the best interest of the people. Shall the people show support for impeachment, I shall listen to them, and fulfill the action they wish of me.

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no ok


The County Council cannot impeach Fire Chief, MACK due to inactivity.

This would have to be done through an expulsion.

I have been working very closely with the SCSO, and SCFD, therefore; remarks about “ignorance” are rather false. You’re just upset that you’re not running SCFD, and I am not removing MACK, as he graduates High School.

The reason for the Council shutdown; Councilman not worthy for their positions within the Council. And I had no other way to step in; as I was threatened to be impeached.

Not only do we have these councilman acting “childish”, we have our County Chairperson, dividing the Council, in their support for him to take-over as County Executive. Until you know everything, you probably shouldn’t comment.

If you think I have been “ignorant” to my agencies, be sure to talk with the agency heads, they’ll tell you otherwise.

Until the State of Firestone can elect a Council that is not shady, or can actually do their jobs, the County Government will lay beneath; as it has been.


mack is good

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You did a ride-along. Calm down.


Sorry to say, but he doesn’t have the power to shutdown the county council.


Sneaking behind my back to “remove” SCSO High command members which only Straphos can do, and impeaching the Fire Chief, which is not legal, without addressing these issues to me is quite saddening.

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The council can, in-fact, impeach the Fire Chief.


I think the council is a mess.

Tell me, do you see our senators and representatives trying to control what the high command of the state patrol does? I haven’t seen it, so why is it happening with councilmen and SCSO? I should not be told by any councilman how to deal with my high command, because it is my department. If this conflicts with my job and how I run the department, then sure, send your impeach gun my way, but until then this is retarded. This county government is getting out of hand and doesn’t even serve its purpose anymore.


In no such way shall we were seeking the removal of SCSO officials, at least to my understanding.

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Well they can do that. It’s a local government, therefore it has the powers to deal with local problems first hand.

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This is why we don’t take roblox to this level

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So you’re telling me that a bill to allow councilman to fire my Deputies with a vote is realistic and logical? That is literally absurd.


I am hereby writing a bill to Impeach the County Executive @Cenosity.

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Full support!

Middle Class Citizen
State of Firestone

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Seriously?! Nothing has been done since I was last County Executive, (November, 2017)

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Smh well its firestone, whats realistic and whats not anymore

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