Bunny's Auto sale!

Bunny’s Auto sale


Bunny’s Auto Sales sells used car cheaper than retail. We plan on using the selling car feature to operate and we will be looking for car sell mans to sell customers car and to convince them to sell their car to us. The Car salesman will get a bonus if they have been referred by a customer doing business to us. Look for Bunny’s Auto Sale in V3 located in Prom or Arbor


As of right now we are not hiring unless you possess a certain skill. In v3, we will be hiring for sales associates and leadership positions. You will get paid. Sales associate will get money based on the amount of cars they sold and leadership position are based on productivity.

What we do.

We will buy your car and you can buy a fresh set of wheels to change the style. We allow trade-ins. If you are low on cash then we can set up a loan to not keep you waiting on a bank. All of our transaction are recorded and kept on a spreadsheet. We can freshly make a contract that fits your needs. We want you to be a happy customer at Bunny’s Auto Sales


Send bunny pics for discount


I’ll literally send you a bunny feet pic




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