Bring Clubs, offices, Etc to Firestone

Bring more recreational activities to Firestone. Whether is be car meets, dance clubs, etc. Bring more recreational activities that will be fun for Firestone Civilians and give an alternative purpose to being a civilian. Currently, there’s not much to being a citizen. Therefore, you have people who are either employed, unemployed but looking for a job, or those who constantly troll, etc. More leisure activities will bring people to behave.

Furthermore, bring more civilian jobs. These jobs would be privately owned companies that serve basic services for citizens.

Buy-able houses would also be another good aspect. Where civilians could buy houses and perhaps have more civil 911 calls. Such as domestic disputes, etc.

Making more leisure and recreational activities would allow for decrease in the trollers and more actual civil citizens. Obviously, there will always be trollers, but why not try to reduce them?


Businesses are welcome to come to Firestone through commerce. People just have to me the requirements and make their own tech is all.

Buy-able houses was spoke about and should be coming soon. Hopefully in the recreate of Firestone, as they can put in parts such as house insides since the map parts will be gone and they won’t have to worry on lag.

Car meets, 911 calls, etc. is all up to the citizens roleplaying. You are more than welcome to create this stuff for yourself.


^ What he said.


Semi trucks with trailers so you can haul cargo for certain price and gas stations need refueling once in a while


Seems like a good idea. A Firestone Trucking Company or something?


Yeah exactly that

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