Breakable Bank Glass

With the addition of the recent bank robbery update glass that breaks when you shoot it would be very useful. Breakable glass is already a feature with the vehicles however this feature has not been added to banks. This would be a beneficial development update because it will enhance RP in many ways. To begin, it has already been an issue with people FRPing by pointing their barrels through the glass to shoot despite announcements being made that it is FRP. Most people who rob the banks are armed which results in shootouts however it always just turns out to be a bunch of officers rushing into the bank at once with bullets going everywhere because the weapons do not work well inside. If this feature can be added, officers and criminals can engage in shootouts in a more realistic way.



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me likey and they got cover with the booth in the back if people start saying “but there isn’t cover now”

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“me likey” 10/10

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There should be a big bank, maybe in Prominence or Redwood, but one big bank to make it more interesting. The banks we have now are rather small and people can’t do much shooting in such a small area as most of the time the bullets deflect.


Agreed, the current state of the banks right now are completely unrealistic.

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@Mattxtro The Bank of Firestone was made 8/11/18, we had to work what we had with, but it got quite boring when we can’t actually do many things, a big bank would help us, I’ve been trying to make this a reality a long time. A big bank like the one in GTA 5, upstairs with offices, and the underground with a bank vault. It’d be nice to see that happen, but I suggest for a big bank to be in a populated area (so it’d be more dangerous) and putting in a lot of money. My bank (founded it, resigned and currently Vice President) has been here for a long time, we actually had two banks, one in redwood, and greendale, you may have seen the redwood bank with “BF” that’s our logo. We’re working closer and closer to a real working bank. But as of right now this would not work out. We need the bank to actually be working, so this would work when the bank would be completely done.
Like Mattxtro said, the banks are rather small. It has been like this for a long time, not many people even knew there was an inside. When @DannyboyJurist and I founded the bank. We’d know it would come to this. Wait until it’s completely done for this. My opinion