Bikes and Public Transportation

Greetings everyone, it’s been pleasing to hear about bikes being added in v2 as of June 10th, 2022. There are bike racks currently on works, it has got me thinking about some ideas to share.

I would like to see bike racks being added on DOT’s State Transit Buses, in which they will be placed in the front of the bus. Buses normally carry two bikes on their own bike racks. Make it to have an “E” function to place your bike on an available spot of the bike rack if it’s detected close enough, if that wouldn’t work out, there are other ways to function this idea. (Sample video of Bike Racks being used: How To Use the Bike Racks on MTS Buses - YouTube) Once it can be added, State Transit would become more reliable for all citizens throughout Firestone.

With the placement of bike racks being worked on at this time, it would be pleasing to see some bike racks by bus stops and transit centers around the county. I’m not sure if this idea would work out at this time, but it would be worth pleasing to see (Some can be placed at the CD, Dock/Pier, Prom Park, Racetrack bus stops).

That’s all that I have to share for now, if there are any other suggestions, opinions, or concerns to share related to this topic, feel free to comment below. With bike racks near Public Transportation, comes reliability. Thank you for reading through this topic.


It would also be nice if we could pick up bikes with our hands whenever they might block something or if we want to get over an obstacle.

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and some confirmation from the bus driver?


Bike rack on SUV’s and able to place bike in truck beds would be neat

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it exists already

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