Aviation for redwood city council

Hello my name is aviationairlines346, I am running for the redwood city council.
My plans is to make redwood a better place along with my other coworkers.
Together we will make a better redwood along with the mayor.

Im aviationairlines346 and i approve this message.

You didn’t even write a speech employing basic grammar, how can you be expected to write even basic legislation?

Give us a good reason why we should pick you over others because saying that you would make Redwood a better place is exactly what everyone says and promise and then they get elected and they don’t make Redwood a better place, so if you could please elaborate on your plans or the question I just asked you.


Literally no support. Give us an actual speech with actual plans and maybe I’ll take you seriously as a candidate.

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Give me more plans

give us actual plans and legislation ideas till then no support

Also fix your grammar

you seem very proud to have been disqualified from HoR elections

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@moderator hi he was not elegible to run in the election

Election over.