Automatically put all inventory items in storage if the server shuts down

I am aware that guns already get stored automatically, which is good. I don’t see why this can’t be expanded to other items like robbery tools or dirty money. Given that firestone servers get shut down somewhat frequently (with no warning) it can be pretty annoying when you keep losing robbery takings. If it’s not possible then maybe there could be like a 5 minute warning or something when a shutdown is going to happen, or maybe shutdowns for updates where it isn’t essential for the playability of the game to do them immediately (like fixing a game-breaking issue or security flaw) they could just do them in the downtime, when there’s only a couple of people on or something.



dont see why not

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no and skill issue.

Seems reasonable

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roblox limitation

My Gun lost on the Shutdown And it Didnt Put In The Storage.

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:skull:yes u totally cannot do that


love how ur the one saying this


there’s literally no reason it wouldn’t be possible lol

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