Ash1835 and Hecxtro for Firestone!

2019-20 December Gubernatorial Election

Ash1835 for Governor of the State of Firestone & Hecxtro for Lieutenant Governor of the State of Firestone

Party Affiliation: Republican

Campaign Speech

Table of Contents

I. Introduction to Candidates
II. Continuing Progress within the Executive Branch
III. Promoting Legislative Reform within the Legislative Branch
IV. Restorting the Judicial Branch
V. Furthering and Promoting the State upon the Release of Stapleton County V3

Section I - Introduction to the Candidates

Ash1835 - Gubernatorial Candidate
Hello everybody, I’m Ash1835 who those who don’t know me I’ve been in the State of Firestone since the beginning, and through all that time I held a government position. Just a quick note, I am only not running with my old running mate because he decided not to pursue re-election. My main career began when I got elected to the office of County Executive for the first time, I would later serve 4 terms as County Executive. I’ve been a Representative twice, including Speaker of the House and Pro Tempore. I’ve also served as the Department of Boating and Waterways Secretary. I am currently the Lieutenant Governor of Firestone and I am looking for a promotion. I’d never thought I’d make it this far I’ve fought for every yard on the field and I am finally looking to become Governor of our tremendous state we really around. I invite you to give me this opportunity and support the campaign!

Hecxtro - Lieutenant Gubernatorial Candidate
Hi. I know that I’m familiar with a lot of you, in both positive and negative ways- but I want you all to understand who I am as a person and what I stand for. I’ve done a lot of work across multiple branches and thus I have made friends with a lot of you guys. I’ve also been with Firestone since the beginning- and I’ve seen a lot happen. I understand why there are a few issues that have arisen during my tenure here, because granted I’ve generated a lot of controversy- but behind it all is a deep care for this state. Regardless of if you like or dislike me, at the core of everything I’ve done, is a deep love for Firestone. I’ve spent many many hours as a legislator, working valiantly to do what is best for all of you- trying my hardest to cater to everyone whilst also being fair. I hate how our government is working currently- I hate how it’s ok for the Department of Justice to retaliate against the judiciary lashing out against it. I hate how nobody cares, and rather we want to call people idiots rather than getting anything done. I want this to change- I want our legislature to be restored as a beacon of quality and competence. I want people to trust their government and the people that lead it. I’ve done so much work as President Pro Tempore, and I really feel like I can do so much more for all of you as Lieutenant Governor

Section II - Continuing Progress within the Executive Branch

Over the past administration, we have seen our esteemed peace agencies working diligently to understand and rectify the issues that have occurred in the past, and prevent them from happening again.

We both believe that our law enforcement agencies are doing excellent in their quests towards greatness- and our administration wants to support them as much as possible. It is very important to us that our law enforcement officers know what is happening within the government- and are given clear guidelines on how to do their jobs- this is not to say that we do not trust them, but to say that we want to make it as easy as possible for them. This ties directly into our want to reform the legislature of this state. President Pro Tempore Hecxtro has been working diligently on a new revised criminal code that provides much better definitions for crimes that have been neglected by the legislature for several administrations in the past.

We hope that this code helps our law enforcement greatly. If it doesn’t, we will come up with something new and better. We also intend to work closely with the development team about the MDT that has been created, and see how we can make it even easier for you officers. It is initiatives such as the code that promote relations between the government and the populous- we want to work on more of them.

Now, aside from law enforcement, we would like to address some other issues that have been occurring. The Department of Justice for example, has been faced with much controversy that has gone relatively unaddressed by the current administration. We seek to understand what is happening, and rectify it. We have faith in the Attorney General, but we seek a better grasp on the department to prevent incidents from occurring in the future- which aren’t only bad for the legal community, but bad for the state as a whole.

As for the rest of the branch, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you. We have noticed great improvements within POST, and we intend to coordinate with the Director to discuss promoting more competence amongst our cadets. We also wish to coordinate with the Department of Commerce, Department of Transit, and the Department of Public Works to discuss their operations in relation to a potentially more impactful role in V3. The Department of State is also a priority. Foreign relations have been relatively slow, but we intend to continue to be open with other entities such as the State of Mayflower. We also want to show our support to smaller entities that are popping up- should they demonstrate actual effort towards their group.

We want the Executive Branch to be great- and believe us when we say that we are very dedicated to keeping it this way.

Section III - Promoting Legislative Reform within the Legislative Branch

Over the past administration, Hecxtro has sought to reform the main legislative board. Over the course of this reform, we have discovered a massive rift in our existing legislation. We want to fix this. We want the future of our state to be solidified. We have to cement our future in our legislature- our laws need to be quality and concise, for the future. Changing legislation over and over does not work, history has shown us this.

We want very little room for massive screw ups. We also want it to be easy for anyone to be able to read, and understand, our laws. Now this doesn’t mean we want to dumb everything down, but this means that we believe that people should be able to understand what laws affect them.

We also want our legislature to be transparent. Gone should’ve been, and will be the days of confusing and useless legislation. Under Hecxtro’s Senate Leadership, an environment will be established that encourages Senators to ask questions about what they are unsure of- and ask questions to the people about what ideas they want to turn into legislation. We want our Senators to feel comfortable asking ‘stupid’ questions, because that is part of the learning process. We do not expect our Congresspeople to be experts in law, but we do expect them to be open to learning. We want a fantastic legislature, and creating an environment where people aren’t scared to ask questions is an amazing first step. This is what has been happening under our leadership in the Senate currently, and something that we want to continue over the course of the next term.

Overhauling the laws of years in the past that are broken and useless is a priority. We want to reduce as much clutter as possible, and have our laws be expressed as clearly as possible. We have both been working towards doing this in our respective positions in Congress, but without support from the administration, progress has been difficult. The revised criminal code is a great example of this. It lists most, if not all, of the criminal offenses that law enforcement and judicial officials are faced with, providing clear definitions and clear punishments- without any of that ‘first offense, second offense’ clutter.

We want transparency most of all though. We are just people after all, and we cannot make legislation that is absolutely perfect and accounts for everyone. We however want to make legislation that is damn close to being amazing, and we want to do this by sourcing out to all of you. We want your opinion more than anything- and we value it. You know what you need in your position within this state, and we understand and value that.

Section IV - Restorting the Judicial Branch

The judiciary has been plagued with many issues recently. Whether it be from a lack of judges, or whatever else, we want to do our best to help Chief Justice Skye_Jones- which we have the utmost faith in.

We applaud the work done by The Honorable Chief Justice within Judicial Mentorship Program, and we seek to have the program working as efficiently as possible- providing as much support as we can to Ms. Jones.

We also want to promote better ethics within the branch. Although it is not our place to dictate how the court functions, we believe that there are ground rules that should have been, and need to be set. A Bill to Revitalize Judicial Ethics is a great step in the right direction. Another great step is understanding the issues that are arising and remedying them before they turn into a scandal.

We also have great faith in Mr. Jefrafra to run the Prominence Law School, and we hope to have the institute functioning within a few weeks of our inauguration. With that, we plan to have a class of graduates within a month or so of the institute opening. These plans are very vague however, so our administration believes that there is much coordinating with Mr. Jefrafra to be done in regards to the progress of his institute.

Section V - Furthering and Promoting the State upon the Release of Stapleton County V3

Now, should we be elected, our administration believes it is probable that v3 will be released in some capacity during our term.

This begs the question of, how will we plan for such a release?

We must first examine a hot topic that has been brought up a few times. The Department of Parks and Recreation. If, by the start of our term, the department is not established, we feel it would be appropriate to establish the department as soon as possible- as a release after the 20th of January is a lot more probable than it is now. We already have a Director chosen, Mr. xxx. We have very much faith in him to fully establish the department in a capacity that adheres to the high standards we plan to hold to the rest of the branch.

There are also many more aspects of the release that we have to plan for. For example, the role of the Department of Public Works, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Commerce, and the Coast Guard. Each agency is expected to have an altered role in the new County, and we must plan for such an altercation.

This also ties into the role of the law enforcement community. We must understand what is expected, and change our training curriculums as needed to prepare our officers for their future.

Coordinating with the leaders of these departments is vital. We must make sure that each leader understands what will be expected of their department upon release- and we must make sure that there is no ambiguity.

We must also coordinate with the development team to understand how these changes will be presented. There is a very high chance that our laws will need to be amended, which we are fully prepared to do

We are very excited for the release of V3, and we believe that preparing for this change is vital to the success of our state.

As always, if any of you have questions, feel free to ask them on this post or in our DMs. We will be more than happy to answer.


Gubernatorial Candidate

Lieutenant Gubernatorial Candidate





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