As a Note:

Before you fangirls come and say that this impeachment was illegal or anything in that nature, let me tell you:

"It is as legal as farting in public."

Like, I said before, if it comes to the point to where you can’t spare one minute to come online and do your duty on a game then you should resign since things are very hard to compensate for. I really like OfficerVideoGame, however, what he did was illegal and violated our Constitution. If he needed extended time due to extenuating circumstances he could’ve extended his first inactivity notice for ten days and left it at that and gave us a hint at why he would be unable to perform his duties.

Nonetheless, I have a tremendous amount of respect towards the Governor. But, you people that are saying this was wrong; it wasn’t. It takes a courageous person to attempt to remove such a well-known and well-liked individual for wrongdoings.