Area Commands for Stapleton County Sheriff

Just a thought I had, that adds convenience (and some realism) to Firestone and its county. Not sure how development would go upon this idea, but I think that Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office should have not one, but two stations to spawn at (by choice) when at times of emergency or need. Like the Las Vegas Metro Police, they have a station in every unincorporated town, as well as jurisdiction of the entire county excluding town or cities that have their own department(s), which is where I adapted this idea. However, there should be (in Stapleton County) a station at the top of the map (where tourists spawn), as well as a station in the citizen’s spawn zone.

Now, I’m former DHS, not SCSO. So, I have little to no knowledge on how the jurisdiction is set up between each major law enforcement agency, especially when I protected and defended for our state constitution during V1.

It’s a thought I had that could make it easier for requested deputies + (on a social platform and such), to be requested to the spot they are in. This may split the time it takes for Deputy + to respond to a call. And this could set certain deputies to be assigned to their area command, creating a balance in the amount of deputies + in an area.

I’m requesting just two, main station and an additional station. This can go many ways by the choice of the developers.

What do you guys think?

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Towns in FS I feel are just too small for this.


Most of Firestone towns are way too small and most of the time people don’t even go through those towns. Their like ghost towns tbh.

Towns are too small plus FSP would need one too

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i live in las vegas and i agree
i would say we could have a western and eastern command, western is like redwood and its neighborhood, eastern is like prominence and some other spots, good idea m8


o shit west and a east side… i can see rivalries between the two right now.